Friday, January 8, 2010

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! BBBbbbbrrrr is it cold! We are experiencing record breaking cold temps here in Kansas right now. It is so cold that school has been canceled for 2 days. Well, yesterday it was actually canceled for snow ~ but today it is because of the cold. We are expecting to warm up by the beginning of next week... to the 20s anyway. I'm sure that will feel like a heatwave to us by then. It is 0 degrees right now... with a windchill of -20. So BBBbbbbrrrrrr...

I've been trying to work on my rug & sampler, but with the kiddo home there are several, yet loving, interruptions. I'll be sharing progress pictures of both soon.

For now though... here are a few ~*Fabulous Friday Finishes*~...

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Charlene has punched up ~*Hearts Pair 1857*~... and is offering it on Ebay... her seller id is redlockscreations
. Charlene explained to me that she is working on trying to get more of an 'antique look' on her backgrounds. Well, I think she is doing just that. She has used several different tones while punching the background & it looks sweetly, wonderful.

Barbara has been preparing for Valentine's Day as well. She is the first to share her finish of the latest ~*Valentine Freebie*~. She has stitched up a darling lil' cupboard hanger!

Thank you ladies... for playing with the freebies & sharing! They are both just beautiful!

Wishing you all warm smiles... happy stitches too...



  1. What pretty finishes.. thinking of you in this terribly cold weather. I talk to my parents daily to make sure they didn't freeze!

  2. You have my sympathy on the cold weather. We don't handle that kind of cold down here in Atlanta. Karmen

  3. Cold and snowy here too plus school cancelations but not as cold as you, we were at 11* this morning:)

    Beautiful Valentine works...I have to get myself in gear.LOL

  4. We are getting the cold temperatures, too. If the wind would just quit blowing it wouldn't be so bad. Hope you and Trinity have a day filled with fun!

  5. Wonderful finishes, always enjoy seeing pieces made by others and how they finish them.


  6. Brrrrr...I imagine that cold is what we are to get in a couple of days. Yuck. How long until spring?? Love the finishes. I just printed off the freebie. Thanks for being so generous. Have a good day and be warm.

  7. Betty dear,
    I love those pretty finishes you shared. I know what you mean about the cold and snow!! Same here just a little ways aways. Hope you get warmer soon too. We don't go to school now on Fridays, so when have a snow day they will make them up on Fridays. And we didn't go to school yesterday or today either. So if it permits they will be in school all of next week.
    Stay bundled up, and warm!!
    Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!
    Debi xo

  8. Nice finishes - thanks for sharing!

    Stay warm and safe!

  9. Love your work. Your Etsy shop is awesome. I just can't sit down in front of a television without a needlework in my hand. I'm working on a sampler wall to hang behind my at the moment. Of coars we need to remove a poorly located window before I can hang it all. :o)

  10. Betty, thank you for posting the Valentine finish I did of your chart. It was a quick easy stitch. Also, thank you so being so generous with your freebie's. I always enjoy stitching your charts.


  11. Love the finishes Betty, thanks for sharing. Cold, cold, cold. Stay in, stay warm..... Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Stay warm and cozy. It's cold up here in the city too.

    Stay warm.

  13. Love seeing the pictures of finished pieces, they are super nice. Its cold here too, -2 tomorrow but we'll stay inside and watch the Colts game.

  14. Betty, Thanks for sharing my punch needle piece I did of your 1857 hearts freebie. I appreciate you sharing your freebies with us! I enjoy them so much!



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