Monday, January 11, 2010

~*Subconsciously Thinking of Spring?*~

Could I be?

Hello Dear Friends! Here are a few more work~in~progress pics...

Could I subconsciously be thinking of Spring? Impatiently waiting for the robins to come home? It didn't dawn on me until I grabbed the pieces for picture taking this morning that the colors in both are 'robin' tones.
This is another 'freely ~ blindly' stitched sampler...

I've gotten the house hooked on my rug... now I need to decide how I want the rest of it hooked...

Today I sent my latest sampler off to the framer. YIPPEE! I'm not sure how soon it will be back ~ but I am still hoping to have it as a pattern offing for market in February. I'll take the finished photo when it returns.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Both pieces looks great. Can't wait to see the pictures when you finish them.

  2. I am thinking of trying some stitching again.
    This time I got 14 count, so maybe that will work better, but not sure if it will look as nice as the linens.


  3. Wonderful pieces! I love the Robin colors! Oh please, please, please bring on spring!

  4. They both great! Looking forward to seeing the outcome!

  5. Uh-oh... I like the way that robin sampler is coming along so much... that I'd be willing to break my "no-buy" resolution to purchase the pattern if you decide to chart it!!!! Yep... I've got Spring on the brain too! Can't wait! :-)

  6. Darling bird!!! Looking forward to it :)


  7. Lovely projects :) I don't blame you for wishing for spring! We're having a few days of warmer temps...hopefully most of our snow will be gone!

  8. Springtime surely can be seen in your work. It's looking wonderful as always.

  9. What a lovely start! Looking forward to seeing the finished design! I too am yearning to see the robins in the spring.

  10. love it all, miss betty...
    our robin;s have been visiting this week here in va...although it is COLD out there, they give me hope of spring to come! ~
    can't wait to see your finished hook like me...straight from the heart...

    hugs from Notforgotten Farm

  11. Both look great. Can't wait to see the finished piece on the robin.

  12. Wow. I love both pictures, but the one you are stitching 'freely ~ blindly' is just beautiful. Is this a pattern that you will be releasing in the future? I hope so because I would definitely put that on my list of must-haves. Can't wait to see the finish! Take care.


  13. OMG this piece is looking so beautiful already. Another Market release? I hope. . . I like it. Great colors too.


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