Thursday, January 14, 2010

~*Some of my Cherished Treasures*~

Hello Dear Friends! Today I thought I would share some ~ just SOME ~ of my most cherished treasures. Some of these are recent gifts for Christmas... but most have been in my home for awhile. For me, to receive a gift handmade with love is unmeasureable ~ truly heartwarming. To think that someone thought so much of me to spend hours, sometimes days (or maybe even more) to labor with their hands and hearts is truly amazing. It is no wonder that it brings tears to my eyes when I am gifted such treasures...

This lovely pillow was made by my good buddy, Ginger. It sits on an old doll I picked up at a garage sale a few years back. They both rest atop the spare bed... the only room in the house I can decorate for fun and show. This is only one of the cherished pieces Ginger has made me. I'm lucky to have lots more of Ginger's works... I should show some more in another post. You are sure to want to see them too!

My fun friend, Doris, made this heart for me a few years ago. It has hung from the knob of my old Hoosier~type cupboard off the kitchen since the day I opened it. It always brings a smile to my face when I see it. Doris did a needle punch pillow for Trinity too. I didn't get a photo of it today... but will share it with you soon. It too is truly darling!

This charming ditty was stitched up by my friend, Debbie. I'm lucky to have several of Debbie's handy works too. This is one of several ~ all are tender to my heart. A couple of them have been tucked away with our Christmas decorations... but I will make a point to unpack them to share... I should have done that a couple of weeks ago. This piece is hanging on the wall in the spare room ~ straight across from the door so it is the first thing you see as you enter the room.

Chris punched up this sweet cupboard hanger for me... again, just one of the treasures I have from Chris. I am still marveled by the texture. She used a wool yarn to punch the sheep body. It is so unique! I have it hanging on a cupboard knob in our living room.

Quilting... or piecing... is something that has always made my mind boggle. Imagine the surprise when I unwrapped this from Bren. It is just so amazing! I don't have a permanent home for this piece yet. In the photo, it is sitting on the spare bed... but I have been moving it from spot to spot trying to decide if I should hang it on the wall or set it on a table. I'm thinking I like it draped over the antique rocker in the living room best though.

I'm lucky to have a few of Sharon's wonderful handworks as well. This is the most recent goody she has sent me. For the Fall decorating season, it sat upon a side table in the living room. I think the boys were frightened beyond measure each time I caught them about to sit a cup on it. That was a big NO~NO! There couldn't be any harm brought to this beautiful piece. Isn't it stunning?

My sweet~sister~in~law, Robin, punched this up for me. She and I have become very close and love to craft together. I'm very proud to have several of Robin's ditties as well... again, I'll have to take more photos.

The doll and rug in this photo are yet more of my treasured gifts. The doll.(Tressa she is named.) was made & gifted to me by Lori. Isn't she precious? She sits perfectly with my teddy in the living room on the antique rocker. The lil' rug was made & gifted to me by Kimmie. I set it on Tressa's lap for the photo, but keep it next to my work area on the sofa table. I use it as my tea mug daily.

(The rocker was a gift also. It was given to me by my Aunt LaVon a few years ago. She calls it a Lincoln Rocker. I don't dare let any 'person' sit in it for fear it will break ~ but teddy & Tressa are welcome to it.)

I hope you have enjoyed my treasures as much as I do. I'll continue to take photos and post them for you soon.

Many of you have asked or commented about the robin stitch... thank you... yes, it will be a pattern release soon. I've been working on it and have it almost finished. It won't be much longer. I'll keep you posted.

Wishing you all warm smiles,



  1. It really pays to have crafty friends. Those are all beautiful. It's the story behind an object that really makes it special. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What lovely treasures and lovely friends to have given these things to you! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are all such beautiful, lovely gifts. What a treasure to have such great friends!

  4. You certainly do have some nice treasures, Betty! The Birthday dolly and Home is Best pinkeep and the many Christmas ornies you have made me always bring me smiles! Handmades have a way of making "friends accross the miles" feel so much closer to home! Hugs to you! :-)

  5. What wonderful friends and treasures Betty - and knowing you you have gifted back some wonderful treasures from your heart! Love seeing them again!

  6. What precious treasures! Friendship is a special gift to cherish!

  7. I can understand why you call them TREASURES they are very special.

    That must be some room you've got with all of those beautiful pieces on display.


  8. Aren't treasures from friends the best:)
    I still have all the wonderful items I got for my bday and christmas, hanging around the house, I hate to take them down.


  9. Lovely gifts, they are so beautiful. You are so lucky to have crafty friends and good friends as well. Enjoy them.

  10. My favorite treasures are all the handmade gifts in my home and of course my Primitive Betty handmades have a special place in my heart!

  11. Just beautiful and you can tell that they were all made with love, I especially admire the quilt piece by Bren, such wonderful work!


  12. I inclination not acquiesce in on it. I assume precise post. Expressly the title-deed attracted me to read the intact story.

  13. You have some wonderful hand~mades from some wonderfully talented ladies. I treasure my prairie doll you made for me. I'm glad your dolly pleases you.

  14. What lovely treasures.... gifts made by loving hands are the dearest...

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