Sunday, February 7, 2010

~*My SUPER BOWL Sunday*~

Hello Dear Friends! Are you all gearing up for the big game? I am... I've got my SUPER, old enamel BOWL of WORMS ready...

Recently, the girls in An American Primitive Gathering...USAPRIM on Ebay... group gathered for another rug challenge. Maria proposed a background challenge. She graciously drew up two patterns for us to choose from ~ sorry, I can't show the patterns yet... part of the rules ~ then had us pick a background color that we would consider a personal challenge. We then mailed a few worms to each challenge 'player'... and received some in return. This is my bowl of background worms. I chose olive green. During the big game tonight... I plan to work on my challenge rug. Of course I'll be looking up to see the silly commercials and I can't miss halftime!

Before the hookin'... I have some cookin' to do. The boys have requested lil' piggies in a blanket and nacho cheese dip n' chips. Guess I should be getting busy.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. That's a good lookin' bowl of worms Betty! I'm on my way to your home for piggies and nacho cheese dips! YUMM!

  2. Those look like wonderful colors to hook with.
    I am really in the hooking mood, maybe I will do a small piece instead of a punch.


  3. Great bucket of worms Betty - can't wait to see your piece! Your munchies sound good! Enjoy! Off to eat some taco's!

  4. I like the colors! looking forward to seeing your finished rug!

  5. Oh can't wait to see the rug. Wish I had time.
    Pigs in a blanket, one of my favorites. Yum. Might have to whip some up this week.

  6. Good Morning Betty,
    Congratulations, you won the C&PLG giveaway!! Your valentine penny rug will be off in the mail this week.
    Love your bowl of worms...I can't wait to see the finished rug.

  7. Sounds like a great challenge - can't wait to see the results - and I really like YOUR version of the Super Bowl much better than the one that gets all the attention!

  8. Hi Betty!
    What lovely shades you have put together in that bowl of worms. I am sure it will make a lovely piece. :) It has been a very long time since I have been on the prim scene, but I am getting back to it and am working on one of your cross stitch patterns right now. (Kitty cross stitch) Your blog is wonderful, just as it always has been. I enjoyed my time visiting.

  9. Love your basket of worms, looks like a great bunch to work with. I love the samplers too, they are beautiful.

  10. Love those colors! I look forward to seeing the pattern Maria selected!


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