Friday, May 28, 2010

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! WooHooo! Friday has rolled around again... and it is a holiday weekend too! My darling hubby has taken an extra day off giving him a longer weekend. After we get the mowing & yard chores done... we get to play the rest of the time. I hope you all have fun, family~filled plans for the holiday.

I didn't receive any emails of finishes this week, but my buddy Marianne pointed me to this one... Joy has finely stitched one of my Valentine freebies... Isn't is lovely?

She writes on her blog that this is her first pinkeep. She has done such a brilliant job too! Looking closely you can see she stitched beads on her finish ~ too cute! On the back of her pinkeep, she has added a pocked for scissors & floss too.

Thank you for stitching & sharing, Joy!

Yesterday was a full day at home. Trinity had a friend over to play & swim. I set up a watchful post in the backyard... complete with ice tea, my cellphone (because it is attached to me at all times... although I'm really not sure why), and my needlepunch. It felt great to punching under the shade trees & was fun eavesdropping on the boys too. I've learned we have sharks & alligators in our swimming pool! lol I'm surprised the boys didn't use the cap guns to shoot them! ha ha

my workstation for the day...

my progress for the afternoon...

Last week, I purchased several small paper mache boxes. These will be box toppers when finished.

Wishing you all a blessed day with warm smiles...



  1. Gaters and crocks? Oh my!!! LOL! Love those np's Betty! Can't wait to see them on top of the boxes!

  2. That looks like a great way to spend the day and create.


  3. Lovely! Can't wait to see your finished creations! Tell us about your neat spool holder?!? Are you np'ing with sewing thread? Or wrapping floss around spools? Whichever it is, it looks really neat :)

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
    Blessings, Patti

  4. Ooh, swimming! What fun! I need to go back to the YMCA soon and use our membership for some o' that!

    I love your new works, especially that moonlit cottage! :D

    And, that is a totally "Sweet" finish for your Valentine freebie. :) I so enjoy your Friday Finishes postings. :D

  5. What a great way to spend the day..They look great..Happy Memorial Day..

  6. What a great way to spend the afternoon with the boys and getting some needle punching done at the same time. Your lil' punches are looking awesome as always. Great finish on the valentine pinkeep!

  7. Thank you soo much Betty!! I feel honored! :-) I some others stitched in the "waiting to be finished" pile and will share them later. Thanks again for the recognition.

  8. Love your work station! Hey, I was in a local cross stitch store the other day and your patterns were sold out! I was thinking to myself - so cool for Betty! Your designs are great!


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