Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~*Simple Joys*~

Hello Dear Friends! This is the first full week of Summer Break... and we have been keeping very busy. I've been trying to get some stitching & other crafting in... but trying to keep up with the family... and now suffering from allergies or something... it has been a little tough. Don't worry though.. I'll bounce back into the crafty~mode soon!

We filled the pool yesterday. Trinity is daring me! I've told him it is too cold to get in just yet... but see what he does!

(He did agree it was cold... don't know how he can even stand to have his feet in it!)

This guy is a new buddy of mine...

A big, fat bumblebee! He has been hanging around outside the greenhouse for the past several days. It is strange, he is just always there. It is interesting to watch him though. He will chase butterflies & birds off... then come right back to the same spot. There isn't a hive in the nearby tree or anything... not sure what keeps him around... but he is friendly enough.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. I haven't dipped my feet in ours yet, but it sure is hot today. Bill got a used heater and it is all set up, then he realizes he is out of gas in the bottles. Sure hope he can get some tonight, I like cool, but ice, no!


  2. "bee" careful Miss Betty, that Bumbler-bee is a Carpenter Bee!!

    we have them here too, and they hover in mid-air claiming their territory...watch that he doesn't start chewing perfectly round little holes in your wooden trim on the house!!
    Tell Trinity I said BRRRrrrrr!!!

    Blessed be,
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  3. Icy feet makes little boys smile! LOL! Methinks you need a sign that says "This greenhouse protected by an attack bee" LOL! Hope he stays friendly...

  4. Betty,
    Trinity has gotten taller!! Wow! They do grow up fast!! Kids don't care how cold it is, I remember we used to go swimming in a creek in early spring. It's a wonder we didn't die from hypothermia. LOL!!

  5. He looks like he enjoys giving his Mom a fun time. Wow how that photo bring back memorys when my boys were that age. LenZie

  6. Hope the summer is filled with family fun and lots of stitching when you can. Still amazed you got a shot of that bee! Reminds me of a bee we had growing up that always came to the kitchen door when my mom was cooking. He was around for a long time. My mom named him Herman :).

  7. I just got our pool opened yesterday and hope to enjoy it today if the rain holds off. I can't believe how hot it has gotten already.

    I am a big chicken when it comes to bees. We have several of those big guys around here. My hubby laughs cause he can always tell by my squeals someone is buzzing me!

    Stay cool!

  8. Looks like fun, but way too cold for my toes yet in Kansas. Hitting the Houston water tomorrow.

    PS. Maggie sends you her love! ;) Jo

  9. Oh a swimming pool which becomes moldy this small chap in the very happy air(sight)
    Best regards of France mary

  10. Oops Mary! :) I don't think you meant 'moldy'... must be something wrong with the translation on that one. lol


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