Saturday, June 19, 2010

~*Goodies From Garage Sales!*~

Hello Dear Friends! Today was our family garage sale... as part of our city~wide, yearly sale. It was very hot & humid, but we survived. The best part of the day was when my loving husband whisked me away to visit the other sales! Here are my goodies...

~Brand spankin' NEW Olfa rotary essentials kit $2.00~

~a pile of clay pots, 7 of 'em & some saucers $1 for ALL~

~ceramic, light up, Jack~O~Lantern... just a had~to~have!... $2~

~enamel, cast iron baking pot NEW $2~

~large enamel pan (I'll probably plant some flowers in it.) $1~

~vintage bean pot... USA made... $1~

~about a yard of WOOL $1 (that alone was worth the trip out!)~

~this never~before~used, wooden trellis was only $2~

So, I didn't do so bad! Tony and I found some other goodies too... but I only took pictures of MY stuff! ;)

Tony found a couple of remote control cars for his HUGE collection. He repeatedly told me how "stoked" he was to have them. That makes me very HAPPY! :) Trinity didn't go with us, but we find him some thermal coveralls (not that he will be wearing them anytime soon with this kind of heat!) and a really cool, weighted kicking bag for his Tae Kwon Do practice.

We spent more than we made at our own sale today (those rc cars are kinda pricey)... but it was fun & we have some great new treasures!

Before I sign off... take a look at this...

This is the temp INSIDE the greenhouse at about 7pm tonight. Notice it shows the high temp for the last 24 hours is 136 degrees! Goodness!!! Lil' hot for growing in there right now!

Wishing you all warm (maybe I should say cool?) smiles,



  1. Great goodies! Hey, even if you spent more than you earned you helped people clear their clutter to someplace where it's wanted and will be used! :D

    Love that jack o' lantern and the WOOL! :D

  2. Awesome treasures!
    What a deal on that wool WOO HOO!

    Stay cool and have a great Sunday!

    Prim blessin's

  3. Wow, what a variety you found. I'm amazed. I never see things like that. Amazing prices, and that wool looks wonderful!!

  4. Betty ~
    Great finds and great prices. Woo hoo!
    It's hot and humid in Ohio, too, but I think you've got us beat. I MUST get some yard work done today ~ I hope I don't melt!
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Great finds and bargains, you will find uses for all of it, and yes the wool was worth it all.
    very hot here today but your greenhouse has it all beat. Wow, that is warm.

  6. Ooooooo looks like a lot fun you had. Those goodies in the first picture look like fun!

    Happy Father's Day!



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