Monday, September 27, 2010

~*Black Jack One*~

My ~*Black Jack*~ using the Oxford Punch Needle #8 with wool strips and a tad bit of yarn is finished...

I'm still learning... and still struggling. I was using wool strips that were cut a #8 (1/4"). They kept trying to twist as I was punching... until I finally just gave up and let them do it. This mat is only 6 by 12 inches... and won't be put on the floor. So... seeing how it is a table mat, it won't get the stress a floor rug would & the twisted woolly worms will survive. They also took on some sort of rough texture that, I guess, is just more rustic & prim.

I have learned from talking with some friends, that if I would have used a #6 woolly worm with the Oxford Punch Needle... it may have been better. Even a bit easier maybe too?

However... I still want a GOOD ~*Black Jack*~ rug... so...

I have another started... hooked with my beloved, primitive rug hook on linen! :) ~*Black Jack Two*~...

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. i love it!!! you do such beautiful work. i am so jealoua. denise

  2. I like 'em both just fine!!! Keep on creating! Always a pleasure to see what you're up to! :-)

  3. Looking great. The oxford punch is a bit more difficult to get those #8's through but the #6's glide through much easier. Also I found that using monk's cloth with the oxford helps too. More of an open weave....and I think you'll find how suprisingly fast it can be. Love those black jacks!

  4. It looked good to me, love the black.
    Tempting me to get mine out.


  5. Oh this is beautiful. I can't even imagine making one of these.

  6. I love 'm both and I love how you did them in black. Great looking.

  7. I love both of your black jacks Betty. Great job!

  8. Oh Betty that is so great. I love your black jack. I have been meaning to do one for the past month, now I know I have too. I just love it!!

  9. Reminds me of licorice and Black Jack gum! ;) He is a handsome fella, both in punch and hooked...

  10. Betty, your black pumpkins are great!!! Love the mat and can't wait to see the rughooked one. Keep on creating!!!!

  11. Hi Betty,

    I like them both! I like the uneven heights that the needle creates and how super fast it is. Don't give up on your punchneedle...was the eye of the needle going in the direction of the punching? If it was backwards it could create these problems, hope this helps.


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