Saturday, November 6, 2010

~*Studio Update*~

Happy Weekend to you my Dear Friends! For those of you that have voted in my fabric poll ~ Thank you. I was really curious to see what is the most popular fabric count... and it looks like, so far, that 32 is the favorite of choice. If you haven't voted yet, please do. And thank you kindly!

We are continuing to work next door on the studio. Thankfully we have had and are still predicted to have nice weather here. There isn't any heat over there yet, but with the warmer temperatures... it has been comfortable working. Here are some pictures just taken this morning. You may not think much has changed since the last update ~ but really it has. All the woodwork, including the floor is sanded in one room. I did attempt to use chemical stripper to remove the paint off the trim work... but have since put it aside and found that if you use the RIGHT sandpaper, work is easier. I stopped by the hardware store the other day and found a 60 grit, open coat paper specifically made for stripping paint while sanding. It is nice to learn something new!

Here is how the woodwork in that room looks now ~ ready for primer...

Before I can do any primer work though... there are some holes to patch up in the plaster. Ouch! Someone opened the old door too far!

Here is the sanded room... ready for plaster patch... then primer...

I took time this morning to vacuum up the dust & move the tools out of this room and into the room that will later be torn down. Now we have lots of room to work without tripping over something... except maybe the tangled mess of electrical cords. They, however, will be vanishing this weekend. My wonderful hubby, Tony, just headed next door to finish up the electrical work. YIPPEE!

This room will be sanded after he is finished running the conduit and wires. I can't be stirring up dust while he is busy...

Well, I better be headed next door to help where I can.

Wishing you all a great weekend full of warm smiles...



  1. I think the walls and woodwork look pretty cool the way they are now, such Shabby Chic! You can't buy patina like that :-).

  2. This is going to be a great studio. I like the wood the way it is. Very rustic looking. Maybe just a colored stain on it?? Don't work too hard.

  3. Your studio is really looking great. You have really accomplished a lot. I know you are just dreaming of the finish and I'm so happy for you that you will have a place to create. We all need that.

  4. in regards to your fabric poll 30 or 32 ct. linen is best. the shop is getting there. denise

  5. Very interesting. Is this horse hair plaster? I have two rooms with old horse hair plaster, that I have removed most of the five layers of wallpaper, we had insulation blown in. Now I am trying to figure out how I want to finish them

  6. I'm all about stain and varnish, too! This is going to be so cool! Enjoy your day!
    Barb in Syracuse

  7. Oh wow Betty - such hard work but it will be so rewarding when it's filled with wool! You are one energizer bunny!

  8. That was so much work and still so much to do, but it will be so nice when done and you will be so happy in your new studio.


  9. Your hard work is certainly paying off. I can hardly wait to see what you and Tony do with it's getting exciting just watching!

  10. Betty, you have indeed accomplished a ton of work. You must have amazing arm muscles after all of that sanding! It looks amazing, and I can almost picture the end result...can't wait to see it.

  11. So much work, Betty! But, you and Tony are making it fly by! Looks great now and will continue to get where you want it in no time! I hope you get a hot bath to relax all those sore muscles! :-)

  12. Wow! This place is going to be awesome, Betty!


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