Friday, November 5, 2010

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! Friday has rolled around again... and again it is so great! Maybe some of you can relate... but I truly LOVE Daylight Savings in the Fall. For me, I do not like getting up when it is still dark outside... and knowing, that come Sunday, I'll get an extra hour of sleep ~ is so refreshing! Yup, I'm thinking like a teenager knowing that I can sleep longer... when I should be thinking like a Mom knowing that I can get an hour ahead of the daily schedule. But HEY... I'm just going to enjoy that extra hour dreaming!

Anyway... let me get on to some ~*Friday Finishes*~. Once again, there are some beauties to share!

Faye beat me to the finish! She has already stitched up and finished the ~*Simplify*~ freebie offered just the other day. (Mine is stitched, but not constructed into the cupboard hanger yet. I'm hoping to find some finish time later tonight... maybe I should rethink that extra hour over the weekend, huh?) Did Faye do an amazing job or what!? The pins, the lace, and the cotton are just so sweet! This one is an instant finish of 'vintage charm'... oh so beautiful! Thank you, Faye, for stitching and sharing!

There are also some ~*Wicked Notions*~ to share...

From Missy Ann...

Missy gave this away on her Halloween blog~ How cool! She stitched with threads she had on hand and the fabric she used may have been from Picture This Plus, but she wasn't for sure. She machine sewed the black wool pocket on the inside. The black fabric is
cotton with leaf print, more wool on the hinge & vintage buttons. (Her husband bought for her a gallon size jar full at an auction... what a special gift! :) ) Inside she embellished with black oxide safety pins (She also use one to hold the
book closed) and used them to hold thread & buttons inside. She also added some pins she dressed up with beads ~ check out those skeleton heads! How COOL!

Missy expressed excitement for stitching this one & said it worked up quickly. (I like hearing that!) She also mentioned that she used fusible cotton batting to save a step. I didn't even realize there was such a thing on the market! Guess I'll have to check that out! Thank you Missy Ann!

Pat (no blog) sent me a really cool finish of her ~*Wicked Notions*~ showing a video of her book with a cute Halloween clip art border... but I didn't know how to share it. I enjoyed seeing the video & wish I could have shared that with you... but she did send along a few photos. Wickedly wonderful it is! Thank you for sharing, Pat!

Well... time for me to head next door for more sanding. Pppffhhhh... maybe I'll get to start some primer over there next week. Oh... and before I go... the frame for the ~*Christmas Sampler*~ arrived the day before yesterday. Wish any luck ~ I'll be able to share this one with you on Monday... for release!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. I love the way the little Simply pillow turned out - so nice - I too love the teal/brown combo...I have that pattern so I may just copy your idea (if you don't mind). It is lovely.

  2. All very beautiful finishes. Can't wait to see the new release. Oh goodie.

  3. Beautiful finish to the simplify pillow! Very prim and Victorian at the same time. The rest of the finishes are adorable too! You've inspired me to get out my embroidery hoop! I was lucky to get a whole buch of Aida cloth at my Goodwill store awhile ago. I took it home and laundered it and its ready to go! I started on the simpplify pattern last night. Hope to have it done to show you soon!

  4. Awesome finishes....can't wait to see your new release!! Have a great weekend..

  5. Lots of eye candy today with these fabulous finishes. Love them all!
    Looking forward to your new pattern release.

  6. All the stitcheries are lovely.I like your little poll on cloth choices. I have put mine in but I also like Aida if it is 18 or 22 count. It gives a lovely small cross without too much eye-strain.

  7. Great finishes from some great stitchers.

    Like you, I have been dreaming all week about that extra hour! Enjoy it.

  8. love the simplify pillow!! waiying on some to show me how to down load pics so i can send you my friday finish. denise

  9. Beautiful finishes! I love seeing everyone's finished pieces and the creativity involved. You are so generous to share!


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