Sunday, December 12, 2010

~*My Princess Kitties*~

Please meet Ima Jean (left) and Katie Jo (right)... my sweet princess kitties. (The queen kitty lives in the house... and she wouldn't have it any other way!) Somehow we became cat people here. (between the house, garage, barn, and studio we now have 7... and another stray that comes around once and awhile!) When we moved to this home just over 4 years ago, we started becoming cat people. They just kept showing up... so we just kept taking care of them. Living in the country, they are good to have around. Field mice and pack rats are NOT my friends! Ima Jean and Katie Jo showed up about 2 years ago. They have been living in the old house... in the shambles and mess. They have a new home now. They are now in the finished studio... and are enjoying the royal treatment!

A better picture with the flash... Katie is curious about the ceiling fan...

They had a vet visit for shots and spaying a few weeks ago... and today they moved in. Before I took them over though, I did a little shopping. They have a new liter box, new dinner dishes, a new fleece blanket, and a new Sleepy/Play corner...(I forgot to cut those ugly tags off... oops)

They also have heat...

This is one of 2 space heaters for next door. The area isn't very large, but I do have a heater for each room to keep it comfy. This is the pretty one... and only in operation when I'm over there due to safety. The other heater is an oil filled digital one~ much safer to leave on when the space isn't being occupied by a human... and keeps it cozy for the kitties.

I think the Duraflame heater is KEWL! My Mom gave me a large, old (but not antique) picture frame. I painted it black and distressed it ~ facing down. Then I laid some old bricks inside it & put the heater on top. It isn't a real fireplace ~ but it looks like it could be now!

I've spent most of the weekend working on painting my old furniture collection. We have moved some of the pieces next door & I've began setting things up... but have a long way to go. There will be many many many trips from the basement of the house to the studio over the next few days. I guess all the arm workout I had while painting and working will now be followed by a leg workout!

Would you like to see my wool collection?

Not so great lookin' right now, huh? My wool has been on shelves in our basement... and I'm worried it may have that musty, basement smell. It is all packed up ~ 3 trash bags & 4 laundry baskets full ~ ready to go to the laundry mat for a good washin'. I could just wash it here, but our dryer seems to collect too much lint near the trap. It scares me that it will catch fire one of these days. Do you ever worry about that? I've vacuumed the inside trap area with the crevice tool, but it seems I can't get it clean enough. I'm a worrier!

On the down side this weekend ~

We had a bit of a disaster yesterday with the greenhouse. The wind was horrible... and took out several of the panels. Oh those Kansas Winds! It looks like we have some major repairs to make before we can use it in the Spring...

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Oh you've got you a couple cute companions there. Your story is so similar to ours. We've got seven now with a stray that comes and goes. We've always been cat people though. They are adorable and precious. They'll be so happy staying with their new mommy.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Betty ~
    Those are a couple of lucky princess kitties!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your studio all done. I'm sure you are getting very anxious. All your hard work has paid off. Good for you!
    Hugs :)

  3. Sweet little kitties, they will be great company, as will you. I miss my kitties, they moved to a new home when we moved and are well taken care of,(spoiled that is). Hoping to adopt again though...You'll have that wool pile in shape and lookin good in that new studio, what kind of storage do you have planned?? Can't wait to see you all moved exciting for you!

    Have a great week!,

    Warm winter blessings,

  4. those little princesses aren't spoiled are they! Great redo on the heater!

    Now I'm thinking about my dryer....thanks Betty! LOL

  5. Mona -
    Your princess kitties are adorable. Your story is like mine. I have 7 kitties plus one stray that stops by daily. My family have always been and will always be cat people. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  6. Princess kitties in their own castle! Yes, I worry about dryer fires, so I never leave it running when I am out or asleep. I worry my sons don't take care of their lint traps. I love your framed fireplace! Karmen

  7. Those two kitties are cute as a button and so happy about their new surroundings! I love the way you added the frame and bricks under the duraflame!!! I have one of those in my basement (my hooking room) and it looks and feels wonderful!!!! Sorry about the greenhouse... I hope it's an easy fix!

  8. Your kitties are adorable and the "fireblace" is too! :D

    I was interested to hear about your use of the digital oil-filled heater; I've been thinking of trying one though I never have before. Dear Marc's parents really praise them.

    So sorry to hear about your greenhouse damage. :(

  9. Sweet kitties and gorgeous too! You certainly have given them the royal treatment! We have 7 too. They are all strays or have been adopted. We live in the city but have a super big screened-in patio where they can play (and shed) 3 seasons out of 4. Someday we will retire to the farm and the cats will loving it! Can't wait to see pics of you all moved in.

  10. Your kitties are darling! The work you have done on your studio is amazing. The way you did your fireplace (heater) is great! Using a picture frame is a really good idea! I love how your walls turned out. Can't wait to see when you are all moved in. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love your kitties - so cute!!!

    Sorry about your greenhouse, hope it get fixed quickly.

    Enjoy the Season.

  12. Your shop is coming right along. The kitties look perfectly content with their new living area.

  13. Your little princesses look nice and comfy there...wonderful companions for your studio! Every kitty should have such a wonderful life...


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