Wednesday, January 5, 2011

~*A Few More Gifts*~

Here are a few more of my new treasured gifts. Oh goodness... I received so many and am truly blessed. My family and friends have really spoiled me... and given me too much. Their love and support is really all I could ever ask for and all I ever need... and they give that to me always.

These are just a few of the gifts... some I thought you would enjoy seeing...

This is one of the other boxes Tony gave me. He bought this vintage toy box at an antique store... knowing how I love old, vintage, primitive, 'beat up' stuff...

It is just so sweet! Look at the crackling decals...

I moved it to the studio this morning and filled it with Trinity's art supplies. He needs a spot to create too..

This is the other box Tony gave me... a sweet sewing caddy. The cubbies & drawers on these little things really amaze me. Who thought of this design anyway? It is just ingenious!

Tony wasn't the only one to give me boxes. My family just knows me too well! This one is from my stepson Jamie and his girlfriend, Annie. They also went shopping at the antique stores for me. They are new to the antique store browsing, but both said how much fun they had seeing all the KEWL old stuff. This is a super box! It has a 'bread-box' type top & a drawer at the bottom. The design on the front is carved & I think would make a neat motif for a hooked rug. Darling!

I also received some great hand-dids as gifts!

You may remember seeing this one. It was stitched by Murf & she shared her finish with me via email to post on ~*Friday Finishes*~ not too long ago. Imagine my surprise when I received it in the mail! WOW! I've told her & I keep saying this... but I love the blue rick rack! It is so striking! I've hung it in the studio & it makes me smile each time I see it. Thank you again Murf!!

This next gift was delivered in the mail too & really tickled me! It has been stitched by Cheryle, a customer and email buddy from California. She is just the sweetest! She reads my blog and saw my love for my princess kitties. She thought they needed another one to keep them company... and stitched up this darling ditty. Cheryle named this kitty Beulah... and I think that is the prefect name. Thank you again, so very much Cheryle! We moved a couple more pieces of furniture next door. These are pieces I was going to paint black, but decided to just leave them as they are. One is a buffet & the mat looks wonderful on top of it.

Also in the mail came this cute coin purse... and several other goodies like notepads, a pen, some candies... and so much more. My buddies in Oklahoma, friends I've met online and in person, made these cute purses for the members of our online group AAPG. They are just the right size for a debit card and a couple dollars! Thank you Ginger and PatiJane!!

And one more... this great eyeglass case was hooked by my sweet SIL Robin. I just love everything about it! Especially that it is the perfect size to hold my Hollywood Shades! I needed a case for them. :)

I received so much more! This is only a sampling. All I can really say is... Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I mentioned that we have moved more furniture next door. I'm trying to decorate more before taking more pictures... but hope to share with you soon. I've also been stitching and hooking... but because they are gifts (and a model)... they will be shared later.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Wow that's my kind of Christmas!
    I got more power tools!

  2. Betty ~
    Great gifts! Anything old or handmade is the best!
    Hugs :)

  3. Wonderful! I love the boxes! They are so great for storage and look fantastic in a prim setting. Have fun arranging them in your studio.

  4. What wonderful gifts. I love handmades and the kitty wool mat is just the cutest. I really love it.

  5. Love all those gifts. Handmades hold a special place in my heart also...along with the "olde" stuff. Such a blessing to have such wonderful friends. (millstonemercantile)

  6. Wow now your family know how to shop an antique store! Great treasures and the eye case and kitty rug are wonderful.

  7. What wonderful gifts, your family and friends do know what you love.


  8. Some great goodies! That toy chest is really catching my eye! Love it! Have fun decorating your studio!

  9. WOW Betty what GREAT gifts you got!!! You must have felt the joy of being a kid again opening all those gifts!!! I really like that cat mat that your friend Cheryle made.Do you know if it's her own design or if it's a pattern from somewhere and if it's a pattern where it can be found???

  10. Sherry, she did say it was from a pattern... but she couldn't find the pattern info. I'll post it if she lets me know.

  11. I adore the graphics on the vintage toy box!! You found the perfect use for it. I also love that sewing caddy. I've been looking for one to put in my family room by the rocking chair and fireplace for when I sit and stitch. I used to see them all the time but now that I am looking for one... one can't be found, ha!

    You received lots of sweet gifts! Must be nice to feel all the love. =]

  12. You really hit the jackpot Betty. So many lovely boxes, I can remember when the Mexican art was really in, brings back memories.
    I also love Robin's heart punchneedle work. That is so neat and she had used great colors. Nice to see others interpretations of the same lovely Betty Dekat design!


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