Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~*Fun Times Rug Hooking*~

Let me begin by saying a big THANK YOU for all the kind comments of support & well wishes! The rug hooking class yesterday was so much fun & went so well!

The class started at 8:30. We laughed, giggled, and hooked until about noon. Five sweet ladies attended ~ Linda, Sue, Trish, Debbie, and Jerilynn. They were there bright & early and ready to learn. These women are all so very talented, creative, and great spirits... and were a true joy to meet. They made me feel so welcome and comfortable... I can only hope they felt as at ease with me as I did with them. These women are all quilters... and now they are rug hookers! By the end of the class, there was talk about getting a group together for future hooking fun... and I do so hope that becomes a regular get together!

I took my current project to demonstrate the basics of pulling loops...

To begin with... we talked about the different rug backings. Then we cut some chunks of linen & Sue started up her serger to seal the edges super~nice. (Thank you Sue!) I took along every piece of rug hooking from my home for inspiration and also all my rug hooking books. The girls were inspired and began designing their own images for hooking. I urged them to keep the design simple, but to have fun. We didn't have a lot of wool to work with... but for fun... I dumped my bag of woolly worms in the center of the table for them to pick through freely. We did have some as~is wool to use also and I gave a handout to them with lots of online links to some of my favorite woolly suppliers. I was also sure to tell them about the monthy hook~in at Judy Cripps' and the Rock Creek Hook-In & Rug Show in Lenexa, KS on February 26th. I showed my Rigby cutter, my frames, and my hooks and urged them to try them all. It was a great day!

Sue's piece...

Debbie's piece...

Trish's piece...

Linda's piece...

And this one is Jerilynn's...

There is a reason Jerilynn is hooking an ear of corn and not a heart. Jerilynn is a children's story book author. This is her book... Raccoons In The Corn...

After having raccoons eat her own corn a few years ago, Jerilynn joked that the raccoons must have had a party. This inspired her book... and it is such a cute story! The illustrations are totally precious! The illustrations were done by a local artist, Josh Finley. This is a fun story about a farmer, his love of corn, and his struggles with a raccoon family. When Jerilynn was talking about the book... her excitement and love of story telling filled the room! She is a bundle of joy and inspiration! At the back of the book she shares some of Farmer B's favorite corn recipes... AND... this story also inspired a charming quilt pattern...

If you are interested in the book or the quilt pattern, they are available by visiting Prairie Pieces Quilt Shop. I was sure to pick up several copies of this book to share with my own kiddo, his class, and my lil' niece who turns 5 this weekend. :)

Hooking and smiling during the class...

A special thank you to Sue for providing the room at the quilt shop for the class, to Linda for thinking of me as a teacher, and for all five girls for coming to learn and making me feel so comfortable!


After returning home yesterday, I continued working on organizing my patterns to ship to the distributors for market. Wouldn't ya know... I ran out of double sticky tape! I'll be visiting the store today to stock up on supplies... then UPS tomorrow to send the patterns and the models out. It won't be much longer now! Market is less than a month away. My mind is already thinking of more creative inspirations! So... more patterns are in the works!

Wishing you all warm smiles....



  1. Looks like a great day of hooking. How great that you had them draw their own design for their first project. Love that!
    This little stitcher went to Market, her designs are from the heart, her linen, her wool and her basket, create true and genuine Art. Blessed be OH, Betty, dear, the market promises you a very good year!
    I just made all that up!!

    HAve a great day!

  2. It looks like your hooking class was a success and you made a lot of new friends.


  3. I hope you don't mind that I visit regularly - I love to peek over your shoulder to see what you're doing. :-)

    What a fun class - wish I lived closer I'd love to take a rug hooking class. Sigh! :-)

  4. Betty~

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I love rug hooking. I wish I would take the time to hook more often. Thanks for sharing your lovely day.


  5. Looks like the rug hooking class was a big hit and everyone caught on quickly. I'm sure you did an awesome job explaining about rug hooking and how nice that you supplied each of them with so much information! The little raccon book looks very cute!

  6. I'm so glad you had a great class! I wish I could join you folks! I also like that you had them create their own pattern. I want to do that with the kids too in the little after school program I am teaching.

  7. Sounds like a fun informative time for all betty girl.

  8. Sounds like a really fun day......I too am looking forward to the Lenexa Hookin....hope the weather will be good. Linda

  9. I am late but........Thank you for stopping by my blog. The rug hooking does look like fun. I loved the heart one. There are so many talented women in blog land.

  10. Love the pictures, it is obvious everyone is having a great time. Wish I coulda been there!!

  11. Glad you had a great time with your class. What a neat story about Jerilynn! So cute that she made an ear of corn instead of a heart.

  12. sounds like you had a wonderful class...wish we had one close by to me...
    i love the tulip!

  13. How do you like the Rigby cutter? I just took a rug class a couple weeks ago. But, the price of cutters is expensive!

  14. The cutters can be expensive, but I was lucky & purchased a used on off Ebay several years ago. It works great for me & I have never had a problem with it. :)


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