Friday, January 28, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hey! TGIF to y'all! With the busy week I've had... I'm not sure if I'm ready for it to be Friday because I have so much left undone still. I could really use a few more days to get it all finished. But then... Friday is always a goodie because tomorrow is the weekend and today is ~*Friday Finishes*~. So... I'll take it for the GOOD of it!

Let me just get right to the goodies...

From my buddy Doris... another lovely needlepunch! She has added her own creative design to one of the Willie the Perfect Sheep doodles... and her finish is just beautiful! Doris over~dyes much of her embroidery floss before punching. Doris also over~dyed the piece after it was finished with some strong tea to darken it more. Just beautiful!

Nan is ready for Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day stitching! She has stitched up the latest freebie... and it is a BEAUTY! She used 28 ct. white even weave and stitched with GAST Cherry Wine threads.

I finished up the latest freebie too... but I can't tell you the fibers used because they were unmarked scraps. I think the floss I used was DMC 221... my favorite red. It did make a sweet lil' pillow tuck... filled with woolly snippets & backed with a scrap of wool...

This final ~*Friday Finish*~ for today isn't made from one of my patterns... but it made me smile when I saw it & I thought it might do the same for you too. I received a sweet email from Michelle telling me she enjoys and follows my blog. She made these darling Valentine sweets... they look like lollipops to me... using needlepunch accents for the middle. She said she is working on some shamrocks now too. CUTE!

Thank you all for playing with my patterns and for sharing! I do so enjoy seeing all the wonderful finishes you all make! Keep 'em coming!

Well... that is it for today. I want to wish you all a fabulous weekend... with lots of warm smiles...



  1. Friday finishes are always a delight to see. Doris worked her magic once again!
    Nan did a beautiful job on her the LOVE Me and yours with the scraps turned out beautiful as well.
    The valentine sweets really look so "sweet" ...what a great idea!
    Have a wonderful weekend...still counting down to Lenexa!!!

  2. Oh what wonderful finishes. And those Valentine lillipops (yes, that is what they look like to me too) are just darling!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I always look forward to your friday finishes and todays are just lovely. Some day.....I'm going to try cross stitch, (I keep saying). I love the valentine lollipops, they are so cute and cheerful.

  4. Wonderful finishes.

    Enjoy your week end~Becky

  5. Friday finishes always showcases the greatest stuff. I think the sheep mat is adorable! The valentine pieces are so delicate and romantic.

  6. Hi Betty, Your creations are so wonderful and I enjoy reading and looking at all of them You are a very talented lady.
    Come visit my blog when you can.

    would love to see ya there. LenZie


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