Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~*It Was Winter's Fault!*~

Hello Dear Friends! Oh my... I do pray you are all safe & warm during this horrible winter BLAST! I know folks on the east coast have been getting hit hard... now we have a BLIZZARD here in the Midwest too. This current storm started with freezing fog & cold... and has now changed to heavy, blowing snow. While I was working on my Early Work Mercantile update last night... the power went out. When it is 10 degrees out... loosing power is one of the last things you want to happen. Thankfully it was only out for a couple of hours... but it did cause me to be late with my update.


My update is now posted. Here is one of the goodies I'm offering...

Let me tell ya... I really needed to dust my Cameo punchneedle off! And I'm so glad I did! I've been punching like a MAD WOMAN during the last several days... and have been making one ditty after another. There are two on my EWM update... and you will be seeing more in the next few days.

My SIL, Robin, and I have decided to do a small craft show at our local mall in April... my hopes are to have many primly punched, hooked, and stitched goodies to offer. One thing we both really want to do... is inspire local crafters to meet & mingle regularly.

Well... also due to the storm... we have a Snow Day from school... and the kiddo is calling. I better sign off and see what he needs.

Please... stay safe & warm!

Warm smiles to you all...



  1. Your pillow tuck is lovely. The button "bracelet" really sets it off. Super job!

  2. I love your new piece and the embellishments make it unique and wonderful, beautiful work.


  3. I love the buttons on the piece! We're gonna get hit with the blizzard tonight here in Chicago. Can't wait to see how much snow we get!

  4. Oh I love this heart in hand pillow! I have been thinking about the heart in hand motif a lot lately as I ran across some beautiful antique paper ones in a book about folk art. They all had hearts woven of 2 colors of paper-pink and red-so kewl!

  5. I love your beautiful heart in hand piece! I just dusted off the punch needle too... lol... need to get started!
    you stay warm! we were -25 this morning YIKES! beautiful blue sky this morning but way too cold for this chick!

  6. Stay warm and safe Betty - seems the storm is giving you great motivation - I can't get motivated past this gray and white look out there! Can't wait to see what you and your SIL come up with for the show!

  7. Hi Betty~~
    This is just awesome!! I LOVE the Heart and Hand motif in any form, but love this with all the MOP buttons!!! Swoon!!!
    Thanks for sharing and please stay warm!!

    Warm Blessings~~

  8. Just a beautiful heart and hand piece. The buttons really do make it so unique! Hope your power stays on and hope mines stays on as well!

  9. Love this new piece! Beautiful Heart in Hand motif..... Be safe and warm -- we are on the east coast and are getting hit hard with winter weather this year -- today it is snow and ice.
    Dreaming of spring.....

  10. The heart and hand is adorable! So cute to add the button bracelet.
    Hope you stay warm and cozy through the storm today.

  11. Beautiful pillow. I love your button edging! I'm sure it took some time to attach all of those. Back to work for me---I'm staying in where it's warm and working on your Valentine freebie pattern. ~Roberta

  12. Betty, I love the addition of the buttons. I finished your valentine freebie tonight. It looks great. Thank you for being so generous!

    Sandy D.

  13. I've been an admirer for a long time. Your pillows are beautiful. Stay safe in this weather.


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