Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~*Punching Plenty*~

While snow bound... I'm keeping plenty busy... punching away...

I'm able to share some of them... there are many more finishes piling up... but they are for gifts that I do hope to get to the Post Office by tomorrow. After they are received... I'll surely share them with you as well...

~*A Primitive Pillow Tuck*~

some wearables in process & a little sneak peek of another tuck or mat (not sure yet what the finish will be)

Do you see that saltbox in the upper left corner? That is a freebie doodle offered by my dear friend Ginger. Be sure to pop over to her blog to pick it up!

Yes, there are lots of scribbles on my weaver's cloth. I do draw my doodles directly on the cloth... most of the time. Then I feel a line is wrong & I scribble over it. It won't show... so no harm done.

Yes, I wrote wearables. I plan to back these smaller punches with a pin back. They make sweet lil' gifts... and maybe I can whip up... make that punch up!... several so I'll be able to offer lots at that craft show in April!

I pray you are all staying safe, warm, and crafty!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Love it! You are so busy!
    Stay warm!

  2. Beautiful blue on the pillow tuck. I look forward to seeing the final results on the wearables.
    Happy punching,

  3. love your punches Betty ~ thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Love that primitive pillow tuck! Hopping on over to Ginger's blog. Thank you for the link.

  5. Have fun with the little wearables - I can't wait to see the finished product :)

  6. Wonderful punches you have going there. Hope all of you are staying warm on this cold winter's day!

  7. Hi Betty...Looks like you had fun staying busy..Very cute!!
    I ripped shirts for Rag balls and garland since last night. We have about 8" of Ice everywhere so no getting in the shop, plus our Power went off last night for good around 8:30 and didn't come back on till little after 7 tonight. So I worked by candle light and light from the kersene heater..Thank God something told me to get it out of the shop yesterday and put it in the house. It was cozy all night and all day today...Kinda fun working in candle Light..
    You keep punching, stay safe and stay warm..


  8. Wonderful punches, like how you have them on one piece, I waste a lot of backing.


  9. I like all of the images - tho, the cat steals my heart, that one looks fun to punch


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