Sunday, January 9, 2011


Basketball season has started for our 3rd graders! The first game was yesterday and they won 16-8! No, the score isn't really that important and it would have been just as good if they would have lost.

Trinity is on a team sponsored by our small-town rec center. The boys on his team are all buddies and classmates. They are learning the importance of teamwork and practice. It is great to see them play good together and to see how they support one another. Granted, there are players on the team that stand out and excel... but they are all great about cheering each other on. To me... that is far more important than the score. Although... it is nice to see a win too! You should hear my lil' guy bragging about it!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Congratulations to your very grown up basketball player! I like his uniform, too. Our son (6'4") played b-ball in grade, middle, high school and college. It was the greatest experience for him. Good luck to Trinity!


  2. What a great way for Trinity to play basketball. It is thrilling to hear that there are leagues out there who stress the importance of enjoying the game and teamwork. Trinity is just grinning from ear to ear in his uniform...adorable!

    Wooly hugs,

  3. My son played basketball too....he is now in college and plays just for fun but I have to say I miss the games. Congrats on their win!

  4. Ah yes, we are in basketball season. It is my favorite sport for them to play for the fact that it teaches them teamwork. It is fun to watch them play, especially when they win! Trinity is so cute!

  5. Super great that he likes to play and be active. Team sports are great learning experiences for

    Congrats on the win!!!


  6. I love to see the good sportsmanship learned young. so important. My daughter was in quite a few sports, but the one that sticks out in my mind was when she was in swimming and had a friend in another school come and compete against them. When she wasn't up to swim and he was, she would walk up and down the side of the pool cheering him on as loud as she could. She wanted him to win too. I was so proud of her. She got looks from her teammates, but then they learned a good lesson too :)
    Way to go Trinity!! Wishing him lots of fun and lots of baskets this year :)

  7. Congratulations to all the boys. My Trinity is getting so tall and he looks great in his uniform!

  8. Trinity looks so cute in his uniform, seems I have watched him grow on your blog from a little boy to a uh- bigger little boy. He's a great kid!! But then, why wouldn't he be, look at his mom!


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