Monday, February 7, 2011

~*Encouragement From a Friend*~

Hello Dear Friends! I wanted to share with you the sweet encouragement I've received from my dear friend, Ginger. She has lit the fire in me to try to get the knack of using my Oxford Punch Needle (actually, I have two). I've tried and tried and tried... but have struggled and not gotten a finish that I approve of. Last week I played with it for hours and even took pictures to share with you... but I deleted all the pictures because I was so disgusted with what I had. Sorry... but I will be trying again.

You see, I have to try again after getting this in the mail from Ginger!

She sent me a bag full of #6 cut woolly worms... and this most beautiful, blue heart/tulip mat that she made using her Oxford Punch. Isn't it just stunning? I love the colors in Ginger's works. This one is so warm and delightful. The blue of the heart and the warm mixed tones of the background... just awesome! Thank you Ginger!

With the worms and mat... was this note...

We will be seeing each other soon. Ginger, PatiJane, and Sandra will be driving up from Oklahoma for a visit here at my house before we get to Lenexa for the Rock Creek Hook-In and Rug Show on February 26th. Ginger has promised to give me a quick Oxford lesson while she is here.

She does have a wonderful tutorial on her blog... Click Here... but I just feel that I must be doing something wrong... and I don't know what it is!

Ginger uses a #10 punch. I have a #8 and a #14, maybe that is my problem?

Whatever it is that I'm doing wrong... I hope that she and I can figure it out together... and then I'll be punching away!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Wow! Wow! Thanks for the link! I have not seen this before. I have a beautiful little wool strip cutter that I bought from Edyth ONeal of all people that I hardly use!(I know, I need to get rug hookin' again!) I LOVE the idea of punching with wool strips! Now, where can I get me one of those Oxford needles...! Thanks Betty, for the inspiration!

  2. I need to try mine again too, it will be a challenge for both of us.
    I did do one with yarn and really like using yarn, no cutting involved, but doesn't have the rug look, as much. Maybe that is what I will try today.


  3. I agree with Debbie, the yarn doesn't give the nice effect that wool does but its good to learn with. I was told to slide a faucet washer up my needle to make the #10 shorter. I don't know if helps or not as I have never punched without it. I am itching to make another Oxford piece but keep having other pieces I need to do first. It really is fun, I hope you have better luck this time Betty. Ginger's lovely piece will be so inspiring, I'm sure your next attempt will be successful.

  4. Well keep trying. I think the number 10 looks the best, that full look. I was thinking of doing some more Oxford Punch Needle just because it is really fun. Ginger is really good and I would like nothing better to have her teach me the correct way. As beautiful as everything you do is I am sure you are just hard on yourself. Such a nice present to get in the mail.
    Blessings to you.

  5. I just bought the #10 punch after reading gingers post. mine also does not look anything like hers. LOL i'm gonna keep trying, it is fun and easy!!

  6. wow, she does a wonderful job with it!
    i'm having trouble with it also...i've been trying to get the knack of it since I got my Oxford Punch Needle a month ago...i don't like having to mess with re-inserting wool strips constantly either, so maybe this is not for me...i do have some dark yarn i may try using for this...

  7. I have faith in you! I just have this feeling you'll get the hang of it. :0)

  8. Sweet gift--good friend. It's so frustrating when you can't master something in the timetable you've set for yourself. But she's right...keep going and it will finally click. At least that's what I'm hoping for in my little rug learning world. ;-)

  9. Me, too, Betty ~ I tried mine and it was awkward ~ didn't move as fast I thought it should and I didn't like the result!! So ~ I need to do it again and again, until I get a result like that sweet heart that your friend sent!! You do it and I'll do it and we'll compare our results!!! But it will be a while before I can get to it!! Good luck!!

  10. I tried hooking with a regulate rug hook. Tedious. Does the piece look liked a hooked rug? Is it easier (once you get the hang of it) to do than hooking?

  11. Betty,,

    I just had my oxford punches out today! I bought the entire set a year ago and haven't used them. I ordered a yard of monks cloth and have had it as long too. Today just for fun I got out the monks cloth and with no pattern put in on my frame, grabbed some wool yarn and played. It seems to flow so easily. Now I am anxious to come up with a small piece to punch. I think I'm going to start with wool yarn though. I've been ebaying and bidding on a strip cutter and just haven't gotten one yet. I'll be sure and let you know how it goes,,I may just go get one of your freebie punch patterns to start!...don't give up..

  12. Oh Betty...thank you for the kind words! I do have a #10 that I love to use and a #14 which I have tried and always go back to the #10. I can hardly wait until our trip it's getting closer and closer.


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