Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~*Wool Applique Peeks*~

I am so enjoying creative energy right now! I have dozens of projects started and planned... you could definitely say I have ADD when it comes to crafting! It is fun for me to move from one creative venue to another. My hands are never idle!

Today I'm working on some wool applique projects. I'm not able to share what they are yet because they will be gifts... but I can share some images I've stitched so far...

The one below isn't finished stitching yet. You can see the staple holding the star. That is a little trick I picked up from a friend once. A plain ol' stapler works wonders for holding the pieces down. It works much better than a straight pin.

It is fun working with bits n' pieces of wool... cutting & piecing... stitching & trimming.

The finished what that they are will be shared shortly.

Wishing you all warm smiles and crafty fingers!



  1. Can't wait to see the finished products -- it all looks wonderful! I especially like the house and flower pot. Makes me want to try my hand at it!

  2. These appliques look really fun! Can't wait to see them finished!!! Keep up that creativity!

  3. I love what you are working on! I look forward to when you can share what they are.

  4. Love your applique stitching! It's hard for me also to stay doing one thing too long! I must have the ADD too! Everything looks so fun I want to try it all! LOL
    Can't wait to see your projects in full! Your work is always beautiful!
    Sweet stitching!
    Cathy G

  5. Love them!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. Such talent ! :)... Love them all Betty. Great tip with the stapler too!

  7. Love it! Can't wait to unlock the sheep and the key image!
    Applique is a lot of fun!

  8. You are so clever, Betty! I like these already!


  9. You have been keeping those hands busy! Love all the applique teasers.

  10. Love what I see, so far.
    I do love working with wool applique, so much easier than needle turn.


  11. these are all just beautiful! I love how you did the flowers :) wonderful creations!

  12. I really like what you are making me so far! lol! I like the staple idea, I will have to remember that one!

  13. Too cute Betty! I use glue sticks to hold my wool applique in place when I stitch. I stock up on them at back-to-school sales and have enough to last all year long!


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