Thursday, February 10, 2011

~*Just a Little More*~

Wool applique that is...

This sunflower was from a doodle drawn by Kelley... kanknchester. She always has such sweet, prim doodles!

I still can't share what the 'whats' are yet. But I will tell you, they are stitched on an old army blanket... inspired by the famous Maggie Bonanomi!

The appliques are simple & don't take long to do... but the 'whats', from begging to end... with a few to several interruptions... take a day for me to complete. I would like to think I'm getting faster having made 6 so far... but I think that is only a happy thought. I will say for sure though... I'm REALLY liking the finished 'whats' and I hope they bring joy to the recipients too. Heck... I'm liking these so much... that I may make a few extras to offer on my Early Work Mercantile page for March... and a few more for that craft show in April! I'll be stopping by the store today to get a few more supplies... so I can keep on makin' 'em!

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow... I've got a bunch of ~*Friday Finishes*~ to share with you. I'm sure you will be delighted to see 'em all... I know I was!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. You wool work is beautiful. Think I will get mine out and start working on it. I got an old army blanket wool from joanne and love using it for backgrounds.


  2.'ve got my curiosity up and running away! Can't wait to see the finished "whats"!!

  3. Finely detailed work, Betty. Just lovely. I,too, can hardly wait for the "whats" unveiling and the Friday Finishes!
    Susan Burns
    Western Mass.

  4. I love what I can see of your wool work. Your stitches are so even. Can't wait to see your finished "whats"!!

  5. Such lovely wool appliques and it will be sun to see them all finished up! The lil' bluebird is my favorite so far!

  6. I love the appliques and love the idea of an old army blanket. I remember my father had one and always kept it in the car for picnics and to keep up little ones warm. Cannot wait to see the final work of art :)

  7. It looks lovely. Hopeing to see your "what" soon!


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