Thursday, February 24, 2011

~*Friends Are So AWESOME*~

Today's visit with my dear friends was most wonderful! I only wish they could have stayed longer. We chatted, giggled, shared, and snacked... and, of course, smiled!

From left to right... PatiJane, Ginger, and Sandra. :)

They arrived shortly before 1:00... with their arms full of gifts! Goodness did they give gifts! Their friendship is really gift enough... but look at these most awesome new treasures!

From Ginger...

I have the perfect spot picked out in the studio to hang this. Isn't it spectacular?! I love everything about it and am really speechless... how do I come up with words good enough to describe how it looks, is hooked, is designed, and is LOVED? It is so heartwarming... and so very special.

Ginger also gave me a new Oxford Punch Needle (the #10)... and a quick lesson on how to use it (I may actually have it now! YAH!)... and this sweet froggie tote bag. :)
Thank you so very much, Ginger!!!

PatiJane made me this stunning piece...

She thinks it is from a Maggie Bonanomi pattern. The craftsmanship is truly splendid! I just love the coloring of it too. Red is my favorite & it looks beautiful in my living room. I had to take the picture of it sitting on the floor to frame the shot... but it is already displayed on our coffee table... and you bet I'll be warning anyone who tries to set a drink or dinner plate on it! It is going to be guarded with lots of threats. I wouldn't want anything to happen to it!

PatiJane also gave me a COOL 'Got Wool'? apron, a luscious stack of wool, and a prim notepad... that I've already started using. I've wanted one of these aprons for the longest time.
Thank you so much PatiJane!

Oh... and they both showered Trinity with gifts too... Legos, puzzles, colored pencils, a new wallet, a sleeping bag... and much more. See how happy he is! He spend the afternoon cuddled in the sleeping bag & building his new Lego car.

Sandra shared a hand cream recipe with us for dried, cracked hands. She said the recipe came from a quilter. The ingredients are easy to find at the local dollar store (my notes are on the notepad PatiJane gave me)... so I'm stopping by the store tomorrow so I can make my own. Sandra let us all try some of hers... and boy did it feel good! Thank you Sandra!

Friends are so AWESOME! I can't wait to see them again on Saturday at the hook-in!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Betty~

    What wonderful friends & love the gifts. That hooked rug is just beautiful. Enjoy your evening.


  2. What a very fun day and what nice friends and what a very nice treat for you and your son.
    So happy for you,

  3. There's nothing better than good friends, what would we do without them? The gifts are so sweet and I know you all enjoyed your day. Are Ginger and PatiJane sisters???

  4. From reading your blog, I know that you are a very generous person ~ so now it was your turn to be the receiver !! Those were very wonderful gifts ~ it's 'abundance' in it's finest form ~ and the 'abundance' of good friends cannot be measured!

  5. We had the best time. Thank you so much Betty for the wonderful hospitality. The muffins and cake were delicious and the handmade book cover is amazing. I just love it! Your little studio is stunning and I loved every detail of it!!!! See ya on Saturday!

  6. How fun, I didn't realize when I read Ginger's blog that is was today.
    So glad you all got to meet and what wonderful gifts.


  7. I'm glad you had such a good day Betty and your gifts are wonderful. Trinity sure looks pleased as punch. What did the girls think of your studio? Loved it I'm sure!

  8. What nice friends you have! And they came bearing such wonderful gifts! I'm sure you enjoyed your time with them -- and that you'll have such fun on Saturday!

  9. Betty ~
    What great gifts and what great friends! Blog buddies are the best.
    Hugs :)

  10. Great picture of the gals! Happy to see everyone having such a great time! And, the gifts are gorgeous! Enjoy the hook-in on Saturday!

  11. "a life without friends is like a world without sun" Cicero.I am happy for you that your world is so sunny.

  12. Thanks so much for sharing your day with the girls with us. Sounded like a wonderful time! What beautiful and thoughtful gifts :). Love them all. Trinity looks so happy!
    Have an awesome time tomorrow~~~~~

  13. What great friends, great gifts and of course they are well deserved.

  14. It's wonderful to have super friends.
    Maybe you could share the hand cream recipe????

    Have a great Saturday.


  15. What wonderful gifts for a truly, warm generous, person Betty! Trinity looks to be in heaven with his Lego's!

    I also enjoyed the the tour of your front room of your new shoppe, and look forward to seeing more. Have a great time this weekend.


  16. What a fun day! I know the joy of spending the afternoon together with good friends is more than enough, but the fact that they took such care in making and selecting your presents is really heartwarming!


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