Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~*A Little More*~

Hello Dear Friends! I've been working to get things lookin' extra nice next door at the studio. Tomorrow I have some very dear friends from Oklahoma coming to visit... Ginger, PatiJane, and Sandra. They are stopping here before heading on to Lenexa for the Rock Creek Hook~In & Rug Show. I'll see them again there... but want to be a super hostess for them tomorrow while they stop to visit.

I've had great fun pulling out my old treasures to display... some I had forgotten I had... and some that I knew I had but yet couldn't find them without searching the house & barn over and over again... until finally they are found.

Here is how the front porch is looking...

The first room as you walk in is just a display room, I suppose. The second room is where I have my supplies & tools. These are photos of the room as you walk in... on the wall are vintage cat pictures that I collected several years ago. They have been packed away in a box for about 10 years... and this is the box that I spent literally hours searching for over the past few days...

The antique spinning wheel my Mom & stepdad gave me for my last birthday...

Some of my cross stitch models displayed on a corner shelf that I paid only a quarter for at a garage sale last summer...

My craft and decorating books... along with my lovable clutter... and my sweet Katie Jo...

A view from another angle in the room... the crazy quilt was an auction win & the other one hanging was a gift from my sweet hubby for our anniversary last year... the one on the table is just a cutter quilt I've had for a long while...

This is a sweet picture made for my by Kris Saia of Dickerson Antiques. It was a Christmas gift in 1994. 'Betty's Scrapbox' is what I called my crafty makin's back then.

You know... after putting out my treasures today... the cat pictures, the teddy bears spread here and there, my handmades, antiques and other cherished pieces & gifts... I truly felt a warming inside. This is my space... this is ME. I haven't looked for a cat picture to add to my collection forever... and haven't had any desire to buy another teddy bear. Some notions fade over time... but some linger... some of rekindled in the heart. They all, however, are special.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. I love it, it's so comfy and warm. My dreamhouse really. The spinningwheel took me back in my childhood, my aunt had one. I always wanted to touch it, so she always told me to think about the fairytail. I love you're house.

  2. It's so beautiful and peaceful looking. It would be a little slice of heaven to have your Katie Jo sit on a lap while looking through your craft books. Your friends are so blessed to have a friend like you.

  3. You have very dear treasures indeed - it is amazing what one can find in an old stored box after years... :o) It is most important to surround oneself with things that express the own inner world so that one feels in harmony with oneself and his/her environment. Love your decoration very much! :o)


  4. Dear Betty,the sightseeing continues(I hope the word is correct)and it is very pleasant. Thank you. Have a funny day tomorrow,with your friends!

  5. Just beautiful, Betty! I, too, have collections that have faded over time, but revisiting them is special. When I moved a couple of years ago, I sorted out and vowed to decrease the clutter. But, something new to collect always catches the eye. Perhaps it is just the hunt that wows us!
    Enjoy your visits!

  6. What a treasured place for inspiration!!!! I can tell more about you by looking at your "space"....Hope you enjoy your friends visit...Wish I lived close by too!! Take care and have fun, Faye

  7. Your place is looking so good and so warm and inviting. Your guests are gonna love it! I know I sure would :)


  8. You've created a warm and inviting place. Wish I lived closer so I could stop by!

  9. Looks wonderful Betty! I like how you've displayed your collections and handmades. Very warm and cozy feeling. Have a blast this weekend!

  10. You've done a wonderful job Betty. Everything looks so cozy.


  11. Wonderful! Especially Katir Jo. >^..^<

    Carmen and the Primcats

  12. Betty ~
    Love your studio. Sure wish I could drop by for a visit!
    Hugs :)


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