Monday, February 21, 2011

~*Studio Update*~

Good Day Dear Friends! I took full advantage of the warm weather days we had this past week... and did a little bit of decorating next door... FINALLY! The bone~chilling temps were too low before. The space heaters we have over there could only keep it at about 35 degrees... which is just too cold to be comfortable for me. The little princess kitties, however, didn't seem to mind it too much. They have their cozy chair and fleece blanket... and seem to love the sunlight that flows in the through the tall windows. I was still visiting them everyday. They do like the company.

I found myself there more as the days warmed up... and even cleaned the windows. I just must say... I really like these new windows! I've never had windows before that could be cleaned on both sides while you are inside! They tilt in & cleaning them is a snap! They already have kitty nose marks on them again... but that is alright. It needs to have that 'lived in' look... doesn't it?

Each day when I pop over... I enter & almost trip over the rug inside the front door. It seems Ima likes this spot...

She does like to play & wiggle on it...

Katie is content watching for birds out the window...

I've put a few things out to decorate. Some of the displays I like and some I feel still need tweaked. But then... it will probably always be a work in progress... moving and re~arranging. However, I have a few friends coming to visit this week... and I want it to look SUPER when they get there. So I'll be working hard over there this week getting it up to par!

To hang the rugs, I used a trick learned from other hookers... carpet strips. I picked up a bag of 3 strips at the lumber yard for only $1.99. Tony has cut them to size & attached them to the wall for me. They really do work wonderful! Hanging a rug with these keeps the 'shape' of the rug so gravity doesn't pull on it & make it sag.

(It was 59 degrees inside this morning while I was taking pictures... comfy!)

I saw a Mary Engelbreit magazine once where they hung small collections like this on the door... and have always loved it. The doors in our house are just plain, solid core doors and I can't do this on them... glad I can here...

This rug will be hung over the old rake in the next photo...

I used one of my old cutter quilts to make a curtain for the closet/kitty box room...

The shelf that holds the TV still needs to be stained...

The board under the rug says "Better Neat and Tidy Than Tight and Needy". The board is from an old wardrobe closet. It was painted by my buddy Kris of Dickerson Antiques in Topeka, Kansas. I've had it for years and just LOVE it! The hooks are great for holding my 'designer' threads of floss.

That red stool by the window was painted by Kris too! It has a sunflower & hearts on the seat.

Thanks for letting me share! I'll post more decorations soon.

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. I love how the studio is coming along. That was interesting what you used to hang your rugs. Ima and Katie are too cute. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Vicky

  2. Betty...your studio coming along just beautifully! I love all the hooked rugs and wool appliques decorating the walls. Hopefully, the weather will stay nice for you..we just had anouther 10 inches of snow dumped on us last night...YUCK!

  3. Wow Betty, I love your studio! You are so lucky to have a space like this for all your "wooly" crafting. It's just a beautiful space.

    Have a great day.


  4. Thanks for sharing, love the rugs and of course the sweet cats. You are doing such a great job in your studio, also enjoy your updates. Keep them coming, stay warm.

  5. Oh Betty, this is a dream house. What a thrill it would be to have such a beautiful studio. I love your kitties and all your decorations are wonderful. Its gorgous and you deserve it!!

  6. Everything looks so wonderful and with all of your beautiful pieces decorating the rooms, you will never want to leave;)


  7. Your studio looks great -- I'm sure you will spend many happy hours in there creating!
    Love Ima and Katie -- so cute and content there in the new digs!

  8. Betty,
    It all looks wonderful! The rugs look really good on your walls. They show up so nice and you have many great rugs to display. Your studio looks so warm, cozy and inviting. I can only imagine it looks even better in person. I'm sure the girls will love it!

  9. Betty,
    Beautiful studio. Thanks for the tip on hanging rugs! I was just thinking I needed to learn how to do that soon. I've got one I'm finishing that I'd like to hang.
    Everything looks wonderful!

  10. Oh I am so glad everything is ready for me to move right in! Hahahahahaha! Just kidding about the moving in part... but your studio really does look fabulous! Nice and cozy! The pinkeep with the strawberries and alphabet caught my eye... is that an available pattern? The kitties are so sweet!

  11. Betty, love how your studio is coming along! How nice to have a place to work or sell your projects so close by! Loved all the needlwork and rugs. I'm envious! :)

  12. What a wonderful space! I love how you've decorated with all those fabulous hooked rugs and used your antique pieces for storage! How nice to have the fur ladies keeping you company! Or is it the other way around? LOL!
    Thank-you for posting so many nice photos!
    Cathy G

  13. Thanks you all! :)

    Sharon, that pinkeep was made by Lori of Homespunprims. It was an exchange gift from last year. I love it too! :)

  14. I'm just drooling over your studio! Everything looks splendid. I can hardly wait until we get there! I'm counting down the hours....

  15. Your studio is looking great and that gray kitty sure is cute!

  16. Love the pics of your studio. Thanks for sharing.


  17. Betty ~
    The studio looks great but 59 degrees is just a little too chilly for me :)
    Love all your rugs.
    Hugs :)

  18. Your studio is so great - thanks for sharing all the goodies inside. Including the furbabies.

  19. LOVE it Bettygirl!!!!
    and you have sweet little fur-friends too!

  20. Good day Betty ~ Your studio is splendid! And, all of your finished goodes are absolutely lovely. You are a very talented folk artist indeed! I shall look forward to stopping by your corner of the world for another peek at your art is so very exciting to ogle at spaces where women create.

    Thank you most kindly for visiting my blog recently. I hope that you enjoyed your visit and shall return again soon.

    Most warmly...Judy

  21. Oh, what a tour! Thank you for sharing--loved every bit! :D

    I also like to put a curtain over my closets sometimes; I'm planning to do it soon in the bedroom because it's a really deep one, but has sliding doors (nuisance). If I put a curtain up, not only will I have better access, but the ventilation will allow me to keep a dirty laundry basket there! :D

  22. Your studio is looking great! What fun you are having!

  23. Dear Betty, your home is so cosy and beautiful!I love the goodes and the cat.It is true you are a very talented artist.All the best.


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