Friday, March 11, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! The sun is shining brightly here today and the temperature is going to soar into the 70s... what a beautiful day!

Here are some beautiful finishes to go along with the gorgeous early~Spring time day...

From Kerri... several sweetly stitched goodies...

the ~*Spring Freebie*~... wonderful floss choices. I just LOVE the color changes!

~*Love Me*`... so heartfelt & elegant...

~*Symple Scissor FOB X Stitch Freebie*~... so unique & ingenious to finish into an egg!

This next finish isn't from one of my pattern doodles... but a faithful follower shared it with me and it is so sweet... I'm sharing it with you. Michelle punched up this simple bunny and framed it in a frame she found at the Goodwill store. A simple, sweet Spring goodie...
Thank you ladies for stitching and sharing!

Recently I taught a rug hooking class at the local quilt shop in Emporia. We have met for one hook~in together since the class... and this coming Monday will be our 2nd get together. I'm so excited! My hope is that our group will grow and grow and grow. It is so wonderful to share time with kindred spirits.

One of the gals I've had the wonderful opportunity to met, with the hooking fun, is Jerilynn. You may remember I posted about her children's book "Raccoons in the Corn". Well... she has recently started a blog... and she is quite the story teller! If you get a chance... pop on over. Beyond My Pasture Gate is the title of her blog. She has been sharing the most lovable stories about the four~legged loves of her life... her favorite dogs. I have caught myself wondering if all her happenings in her stories are true... some are quite humorous... but after visiting with her in person, the happenings, as colorful and silly as they may sound... have got to be true. She so bright and friendly... an honest to goodness Kansas country girl!

Some have asked about the craft show, pattern details, and how I get so many things done... well... *I've continued punching up lil' mats with my Oxford needle. The stack is growing and I should have several to offer at the upcoming craft show... scheduled for April 9th at the small mall we have here in Emporia, Kansas. I'm doing the show with my SIL, Robin. My niece, Tamara, may have a few goodies to include too. *I'm still stitching on the sampler I shared. It should be a released pattern in mid to late April. *There is never a dull moment around here... I cannot just sit. My hands have to be working on something or I will simply fall asleep... true exhaustion maybe? A follower asked if I work outside the home... I do not. BUT... I do work hard at keeping up with a vivacious 8 year old, volunteer at his school, try to keep the house looking fairly clean, and cook a few meals now and then... and then there are always the great family get~togethers we have with our awesome extended family. There is never a dull moment moment.

Wishing you all warm smiles... and a wonderful weekend!



  1. Oh my goodness! So many great inspirations! Love the color choices and finishing of the Spring Time freebie! I think I might try one this weekend! Spring can't arrive quick enough!!! And the egg... fabulous idea! You have the energy of a dozen Energizer Bunnies!!! It must be because you enjoy all of life! Sure wish I lived close enough to hook in your cozy new studio!!! Hugs and Smiles to you!!!!

  2. Such wonderful finishes, what size cut are you using in your oxford punch and what size punch? You have really been going to town with it. Have a great weekend!

  3. What a great group of finishes! I enjoyed seeing them :)

  4. What great ideas and what beautiful work. I love the Spring Time piece, both are really neat. The rabbit is cute too.

  5. Betty ~
    Temps in the 70's ~ ~ ~ sigh. We had a snowstorm today, but I have to say it was beautiful and it should all be melted by Monday. Woo hoo!
    Hugs :)

  6. Your followers finishes are just superb! Love their creativity :)
    Hoping for your group to grow and grow too!! That is so exciting for you. And I think you would fall asleep if you did stop lol. You amaze me!


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