Thursday, March 10, 2011

~*Spring Is Near!*~

Hello Dear Friends! Here is proof... Spring is NEAR!

Jonquils around the birdbath...

Surprise lilies popping up in various locations around the yard. Ya know... my Grandma calls these "Naked Lady Lilies"... CUTE!

Wild poppies with their spiky, green leaves spreading their beds larger and larger each year. These have become my favorite around here..

It is no wonder I've been punching some bunny mats! This is one of 3 I made yesterday. It hasn't been steamed yet... and my stack to be bound is growing and growing...

Wishing you all warm smiles,


  1. Busy lady! Spring is finally underway here. Your little bunny looks ready to go for a hop in a spring field. Cute.

  2. Awwww... look at all that lovely green! I am truly envious, as we still have quite a bit of snow here. Thanks for sharing!! :^)

  3. Hurray for Spring! That little bunny mat is sweet!

  4. Yeah, bulbs are springing up!! Love the bunny!

  5. Can't wait for spring to arrive... I love those poppies.

  6. Oh no fair no fair!! LOL!! I have been checking my yard DAILY, and nothing yet!! And you guys had more winter than we did this year! Ooh now seeing your pictures I know it is near and I can wait a few more days :D Man, I sure have ants in my pants for spring this year! Thanks for the uplifting pics Betty!! xoxo

  7. Brenis, I love you! You have such a way with words. Betty, sure looks like spring. I haven't seen anything sprouting here but haven't been outside much. The sun is shining this morning and sure is welcome. I love the bunny mat. You are really going good with the Oxford punch!

  8. I have so many things sprouting and the snowdrops and winter aconite were beginning to bloom. Today they are buried under the white stuff.
    My mom called those lilies naked ladies too. A very religious person I used to work with called them resurrection lilies. {I prefer naked ladies :)
    Hugs :)

  9. Love the bunny hooked rug! I started adding bunnies that I made to my prim antique in need of Spring.


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