Friday, March 18, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~


The week has flown by in a blur... once again. The weather here has been wonderful. And you may know what that means... yard work. Yesterday we got up to 81 degrees! How could I not be out in the yard clearing out flowerbeds? It was too nice not to be. Today is expected to be cooler... but because I've been outside so much this week, the house needs some attention today. Floors need to be swept and the pile of laundry has been building... today will be a catch~up day! Plus... family is coming tomorrow to celebrate all the March Birthdays. We hope to pull the grill out for the first time this year! YUMMMMM!!!

I've only received one ~*Friday Finish*~ to share... but it is a GOODIE! Michelle has stitched up the latest ~*Easter Freebie*~... and has it finished into the sweetest lil' pillow tuck...

Michelle stitched on 18 count linen. She didn't say what floss she used, but it looks just perfect to me! Thank you for stitching and sharing, Michelle.

Please remember, I love to see & share finishes. My email is on the sidebar. Send them to me & I'll post them on ~*Friday Finishes*~.

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Hi Betty, At the risk of sounding completely clueless (which I happen to be on this topic)...what is a pillow tuck? :) Told you I was clueless! LOL!

  2. Good Morning Char

    Oh no... not clueless! Pillow Tuck is just a prim thing... a pillow you can 'tuck' here or there for decoration.

  3. Thanks Betty! I learn something new every day coming onto some of these blogs!

    Have a super day!

  4. Pretty finish!
    I'm envious of the fabulous weather you're describing!!

  5. Michelle's finish is wonderful.

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  6. Great finish always, thank you for sharing! Enjoy your grillin'

  7. Very nice work. I started the design this morning and its moving right along. I was just going to spend the morning on it but got going and couldn't stop myself. Now I'm inspired to keep a'goin!


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