Sunday, March 20, 2011

~*Happy Spring*~

Happy SPRING to all my Friends!

These jonquils are always the first to bloom & welcome the season. We have them scattered all over the yard. Their bright, yellow blooms are so cheerful!

Yesterday was rainy and cold here. We were only in the low 50s... but Tony still managed to man the grill for the big family March Birthday party. We had a wonderful family day. The only thing that would have made it better... would have been if the weather yesterday was like the the weather today... expected high 70s by afternoon & BRILLIANTLY SUNNY!

Trinity dug his bike out of the barn this morning and is already making laps around the driveway...

I did quite a bit in the yard last week. One thing I do each year is make a temporary border for our every~expanding poppy patch in the backyard. I don't want them to be trampled by footsteps... so they need something to mark them & keep them safe while they are growing & blooming. I loaded the pick~up with logs & limbs from the back and simply set them around the edge. I've got an old washtub in the center that will hold another blooming plant later in the season. It fills a bare spot in the bed. Once the poppies bloom and seed out... we will just mow them down. The limbs I've gathered will just be taken back to the pile in the back. Simple...make~do... and primitive...

Wishing you all a glorious Spring and many warm smiles...



  1. Oh, what fun to have a whole bed of poppies. I just love them!! Lucky you with the 70 degree weather!

  2. Happy Spring to you Betty! It's been a LOOOOONG winter!! LOL! We made it though.

  3. Love seeing your daffodil. I miss the spring flowers back in Indiana. We do have spring flowers in the Arizona desert, just not the same ones at home!

  4. Betty ~
    LOVE the jonquil. They are just so sweet. Your bed of poppies will be lovely. They sure take over, don't they?
    Happy spring to you!
    Hugs :)

  5. Happy Spring! Trinity must have been so happy riding that bike after a long winter.

  6. Happy Spring, Betty! Your jonquils are beautiful. Trinity looks like he is having fun outside on his bike. Love the way you bordered the poppies. Very prim. Have a great week!

  7. It's so nice to see a flower in full bloom! It's very lovely!

  8. Happy Spring to you too Betty! I can just imagine the color and greenery that will produce from your gardens. Look forward to seeing more of them. Wonderful to see Trinity on his bike AND in shorts!!!

  9. Dear Betty,Thank you for the beautiful flowers and happy spring to you and your family.Blessings

  10. Happy Spring to you Betty! Love the pics!

  11. Your jonquils are beautiful. Your poppy garden looks very nice....great way to contain them.

    Trinity looks like he is having a blast on the bike. Glad you had a great time with the family!


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