Sunday, March 13, 2011

~*A Garden We Will Grow*~

or at least we hope to...

Hello Dear Friends!

Yesterday, Tony shared his idea with me about where he thought we should put a garden. We have been in this home for over 4 years now and have talked about doing a garden each year., but haven't planted one yet. This year... we hope to make that talk a reality. We use to have an old boxcar (a railroad once ran past our property line) sitting in our backyard. We (with the help of our BIL Jimmy) knocked the thing down... and burnt it. A couple of local boys collected the scrap metal and hauled it away. The spot left has been a weed patch for the last couple of years. So... this weekend we began cleaning it up. Hopefully in the next couple of months it will be full of lots of yummy veggies!

However, as we were digging yesterday... we ran across a piece of concrete that measured about 3 by 6 feet. Oh goodness were we alarmed! This seemed to us to be about the size of a vault... the things they put caskets in. You should have heard the two of us chatting and speculating... what could this be? why it was there? what do we do if we unearth a body? We don't have a tractor or bulldozer. So we had to think of other ways to remove it. Or should we?

We did... and thankfully it wasn't anything but a piece of concrete. We still were not sure why it was there though. Until we found two more. The first one was in the middle of where the boxcar once sat. The other two were on either end. Apparently they were set there to stabilize the boxcar. When we removed the first one, Tony and I took turns slinging the sledgehammer and tossing the rock pieces into the wheelbarrow. The other two slabs, we decided could just stay put. I think they will be cute to decorate the garden... add a couple of chairs and table... a nice place to picnic or just sit and relax.

OC, one of our outdoor kitties, had to inspect our work...

Now it seems time to get the greenhouse up & running... once we get some repairs made on it. The Kansas winds have wrecked havoc on it during the last few months.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. That dirt looks very dark & rich. Should grow some wonderful vegetables. Nice idea about leaving the other slabs for sitting area. A lot of work there but nice work with big pay off.

  2. You sound like us...we have been here 5 years and every year I say the same thing...well this year I am at least getting in a small graden even if I dont get help! Good luck with yours!

  3. Good luck! Gardening is so satisfying and in this economy, we need to do what we can to offset some of these crazy prices. Now all my home-canned goods don't seem to be such hard work!

  4. looks like a nice spot for a garden. i'd love to have one,too. denise

  5. Glad you didn't find a body!! Will look forward to seeing and hearing about your garden in the months to come!

  6. From the looks of that rich loose dirt, you will have a bountiful garden! Mine is orange, blue, wet, clumped, and heavy. You are a lucky girl.


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