Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~*Yarn Sampling*~

Hello Dear Friends! Recently I received a suggestion from a fellow blogger that I should try Halycon Rug Yarn with my Oxford Punch. Several suggested yarn ~ Ginger told me to try yarn and even try to mix yarn and woolly strips. I've tried a few yarns, but wasn't really happy with the outcome... although, the yarns I was trying were cotton or acrylic blends. So... when Halycon was suggested... I hopped on over to their website & ordered a sampling of colors. Three of my choices are on back order, but these arrived via UPS last night...

This is a nice, fat yarn... very unlike the yarns I've tried so far. Of course, I haven't had time yet today to punch with it... but hope to before the day ends. Because I ordered a sampling of colors... I didn't really have a design or specific motif in mind. So... what images to you see when you see these colors? I'm thinking maybe a sunflower bloom, a saltbox house, a cat/dog... hmmm... the ideas are spurring!

I'll update you on the progress soon. I've got a few other things to do too... there are still craft projects to finish for that craft show in April, a sampler to finish for that pattern release, and a few ditties to fulfill my Pay It Forward promise... guess I should get busy.

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. I hope I can get up there this summer, would love to visit the shop and see all the yarns in person. I did get a light weight one from them and saving it for a special project.


  2. Wonderful yarns and I'm sure whatever you decide to punch will look great! Sounds like you have lots and lots of projects going at once!

  3. That yarn looks great. I bought 1 skein of fat yarn at Joa's last week. Their wool yarn was very expensive. I need to check out Halycon.

  4. Hi Betty,
    I just bought an oxford punch needle, a small sunflower pattern and Halcyon yarn this past weekend. I love it! I had to do the project right away and love punching with this yarn. I have punched with floss but this was my first time I used yarn and I have never rug hooked. The project went so fast. One piece of advice watch how close you put your punches. I kept on putting my punches too close...you don't have get too close because the yarn is so thick. I will post a picture of the sunflower I did on my blog when I am done steaming it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

  5. Hi
    I have used this yarn to do a rug. I tried Punching a few years ago was so frustrated - I think it was the thickness of the yarn. Needless to say i did not continue. ON a vaction to Maine I discovered Halcyon Yarns. Their wool supply is amazing - the colours - so beautiful. Worth a trip for anyone in that area. I loved punching with their yarn. I think you will enjoy it too. Have fun!


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