Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~*After I Mow the Yard*~

This wool will make a change...

It is soaking now. Wool dyeing is still something of a challenge for me. I can't ever seem to end with the color I hope to...but it will be fun. I'm sure of that. What color would you over~dye these?

They are four of the six... yummy wools I recently purchased from Heavens To Betsy. Betsy has awesome wools!!

Well... time to start the mower so I can get the work done & the play can begin!

Wishing you warm smiles...


  1. Hi Betty, I have never dyed wools, I have only been making primitive handmades for only a couple of years now, so some things are still new to me. Can't wait to see how they turn out. Have fun mowing the yard, just been to pick up plants, hope to put them in this weekend. Vicky

  2. Hi Betty, I have never dyed wool either except to coffee stain it. I too like Vicky cannot wait to see the color of these wools afterwards! PS too ealy for Spring planting up here in Michigan...I can only keep my plant books nearby wishing. But I do have tulips peeking out now here by the river. Take care Janice

  3. You could go with some lovely pumpkin. I could email you a couple of recipes if you want! Great textures. I love to dye, but I like the surprise of the color. I'm discovering that I'll find a place for the wool somewhere!


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