Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~*Woolly Results*~

Here they are... after mowing the dandelions and between house chores... this is what I have...

They didn't turn out exactly as I had planned... yet again... but I still like them & will use them for something. I do plan to share some of these wools with my AAPG swap partner... and am pretty sure I know which ones she will especially like. <*wink*>

The wools are in the same order as the before picture. I used ProChem dyes today... that is what I have mostly on hand. Three of the recipes are from Beautiful Wool by Laurice Heath. I didn't stir the wool when it was in the pot, so there is some good mottling going on.

These next shots were taken in the house so you could see closer~up. They are in the same order as the before photo... from left to right...


Salt Box Red...

Soldier Blue...

Antique Black?... I used 1/2 tsp Brown and 1/8 tsp black (ProChem Dye) for 1/2 yard wool. To me it looks more Evergreen. Oh well... I'll still use it.

Next on my agenda today... fix supper, wash dishes, finish the laundry, stitch and watch American Idol.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Betty, what gorgeous wools! I want to get in my dye pots again. I've spent the past couple of days sorting my wools and have them in the cubby shelves I bought for it. I've also pulled out wools from bags and work it in, so now I can see all that I have.

  2. Love the wool Betty! They may not have turned out like you planned but very primitive looking and usable!!!

  3. Betty,
    I think they are beautiful! I haven't had the nerve yet to try to dye any wool.I just like to pull out my wool,look at all the beautiful colors, feel it and then put all of it back in my tubs! lol
    Thanks for posting your results!

  4. Betty,
    They are great! Sometimes I let the wool determine the for those wonky colors that you didn't expect!

  5. Betty ~
    Even if it's not what you planned, these are great colors! Good job. I need to try dyeing one of these days!
    Hugs :)

  6. Beautiful!!! I love the Soldier Blue. The texture and mottling are perfect.

  7. Love those shades, they came out really beautifully.


  8. Wow - I think you done good my friend! Love the first two especially well! I haven't succumbed to the temptation of dyeing as I have heard that once you do it, you love it and can't stop - and I have enough addictions! Thanks for sharing! Hugs & Smiles, Robin

  9. OOOHHH....I think they turned out really cool !! I likey ,,,alot !!

  10. Beautiful! I love to see pics of gorgeous wool hung out on a clothes line!

  11. They turned out really well, love the colors. Vicky

  12. Well Betty, I think the colors turned out beautiful. I can never get the colors that are pictured in my mind when I dye wool. Great job!!!!

  13. That wools are great! they really turned out right for me. :)


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