Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~*How Does Your Garden Grow?*~

Hello Dear Friends! Our garden is sprouting and growing...
potatoes, onions, cabbage, and tomatoes
jalapeno and bell peppers
cucumber, zucchini, sunflowers, and birdhouse gourds. Watering, weeding, and tender~loving care... with hopes of great rewards by Summer's end.

Walking around the yard the other day, Tony spotted some Killdeer eggs. I've never seen these before and it could be because they are so disguised. These are nested in the center of our burn pile with the watchful Mama near by... doing her best to divert strangers away.
I hope we get to see the babies when they hatch!

Oh, and I have started a few seeds in the greenhouse too...
marigolds ~ so super easy!
and Texas Bluebonnets...

and a few others that haven't popped out of the soil yet. :) It is so much easier to start seeds in lil' pots. I have a heck of a time telling what is flower from what is weed when I put them in the ground.

Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. What a beautiful yard and garden you have! I'd love to have all that open space to play in! :-) Good thing you spotted those eggs before ya' needed to burn stuff! Whew! I just planted two flats of flowers in my yard. It's been raining for 3 days and will be raining for 5 more days... thank heavens for rubber boots! lol!

  2. Wonderful garden Betty. I'll have to look up Kildeers,not sure what they are. i've been planting too, now have all perennials in my flower bed. asian lilies, coreopsis and muma. I'm a very lazy gardener.

  3. Your garden is looking wonderful, Betty! I'm getting the planting bug, but it's too early here yet - had frost last night again. Great to see things started from seeds - I've never been very successful with that - oh, I can usually get them to grow, but when it comes to transplanting out doors - that's a fiasco! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  4. Garden looks great ! Makes me want to plant one now.. I decided not to this year. Maybe that will change.. I have never heard of Killdeer eggs. I have to like that up. lol

  5. Love your gardens - lots of work! I'm hopeless in that area. Killdeer eggs - never heard of that either - they are certainly camouflagued arent' they!

  6. Your gardens look wonderful, I haven't even started digging yet.


  7. We have Killdeer, too! She laid her eggs in the middle of the gravel road, and we have to "skirt" them every time we travel. Have you watched how she "pretends" to have an injured wing, and lead you away from her nest as you get near it? Gotta love Mother Nature!
    Barb in Syracuse

  8. Wonderful garden and looks like everything is growing so well. Loved that you got pics of the eggs it will be fun to keep a watch on them.


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