Monday, May 23, 2011

~*Thoughts and Prayers*~

There has been so much tragedy. The tornadoes on the eastern part of our country, the floods in the southern... and now tornadoes here in the Midwest. We could see this from our backyard Saturday night... it was about 9pm... taken from my phone...

My thoughts and prayers for all those affected throughout the country.

We have heard strong words of warning from the National Weather Service that tomorrow may include many more tornado and thunder storm threats. Please, if you are in areas of warning... keep an eye on the weather and stay tuned to your local media for updates... please PLEASE PLEASE stay safe!


Sunday morning I was struggling to cope... struggling to find answers or ways of acceptance... finding meaning or guidance... faith. While I was walking around the yard, I stopped by to check on the Killdeer eggs. At first I thought they were just gone... taken by a snake or some other predator. My heart sank even more. I called my husband over and he saw more than I did... he saw the shards of hatched eggs. My heart lifted and I was able to see the joy of new beginnings. I carefully gathered a few of the shards in a small pile to show you...

When Killdeer hatch, they have their wings and are strong enough to fly on their own. They don't stay in the nest. This made me happy... to know that they are off enjoying their new lives!


Before the bad weather Saturday night, I was able to get some crafty~actions done... it is important to keep myself as busy as possible ya know. Kelley, awesome leader of our Ebay prim group ~ AAPG, gave us a SUNFLOWER challenge. We have until the end of the month to work something up... but I was so excited about her words, and the photos of inspiration she and others from the group shared... that I just had to get to work on mine. So... I dug out this wooden cheese box from my collection of STUFF, grabbed some linen, and cut some wool. And ta~da...


And... I stitched more this weekend on that something special

After I get more stitched... I will share more with you about what I'm planning.

Wishing you all warm smiles... and requesting again that you stay informed & safe...


  1. Betty, I am sorry,too about all the weather tragedies of late. Stay safe. The box came
    out great! I can't wait to see what you're
    stitching up there. It looks like a repro
    antique sampler. OOOH! Happy Stitching.
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA

  2. Oh the cheese box is wonderful, Betty! LOVE it! How you can whip something up like that so quickly amazes (and inspires) me! You, too, stay safe - it looked as though that one was headed right toward you....I'd have been collecting fur creatures and heading toward the basement by then! Smiles ~ Robin

  3. my thoughts are with you & your family Betty, please stay safe :) Sunflower cheesebox looks AMAZING & I'm intregued by your cross-stitch, looking forward to seeing more :)

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I love the wool hooked sunflower. Very nice. I have been doing lots of punch needle and have everything I need for a rug hook but I am afraid to start. Isn't that silly but I just am afraid that I might waste something. I love your sunflower and the way you used it.

  5. Oh wow! I love love love that cheese box! I want to learn to do this. I am just trying to find the time.
    Beautiful work!

  6. Betty ~
    My heart aches for the folks in Joplin. How does one ever recover from such horrors?
    You stay safe, too.
    Hugs :)

  7. That storm picture is scary! I am glad you are okay. What some are having to live through this year is so heartbreaking. Stay safe!

  8. It makes me sad to see all of that destruction lately, so many lives affected and they are in my prayers.

    Love your new piece, nice old box to work with.


  9. Frightening picture, glad you are safe. Love the sunflower and cheese box!

  10. All of this bad weather HAS to stop!! My heart breaks for all of the victims. I lost my home in a tornado when I was a's something that you can never let go of. Love the're work never disappoints! ~Kriss~

  11. Thoughts and prayers of safety go to you, your family and the entire affected areas... LOVE the sunflower box!!!! Such a spot of cheer! You know I am anxiously awaiting your weekend reveal!!!! ;-)

  12. Glad you were not harmed in the storms. I, too, am continuing to pray for all of those folks out there who were not co lucky. I love your sunflower box it is awesome!

  13. Love the sunflower box ~ love it!! I hope you are safe and sund where you are ~ this weather is a scary thing ~

  14. Very pretty. How did you mount it to the box? I am new to rug hooking.


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