Friday, May 20, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! TGIF! For us, it is the last day of school. The last ALARM CLOCK day until the end of August! Yippee! Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for each day... I am just not an EARLY MORNING kind of person. My days can begin naturally - without that annoying beeping - at about seven thirty or eight o'clock and I am much more happier and cheerful. I have lots of fun scheduled for the Summer break... a few day camps, baseball, visits to the library, Summer kid movies, and the pool. Of course, I am going to CRAFT - stitch & hook during these days too!

In fact, I have been working hard on that 'something special' I hinted about the other day. More to come regarding this very soon!

For now... how about some ~*Friday Finishes*~?

First up... from Dora... is a lovely finish of ~*Spring's Tweets*~. She used the recommended fabric and floss, and it was coffee stained after the stitching was completed. She finished the edges with a blanket stitch. So very lovely!

Another beautiful ditty... from Linda... and it is one of her Favorite Little Things... mine too! :) Linda has stitched up part of the ~*Spring Freebie*~ to make a sweet lil' pillow... Darling!

Thank you Ladies... for stitching and sharing! I do LOVE to see all the beautiful works! Keep 'em coming!!

Has anyone stitched up the latest freebie yet?

Keep an eye out on my blog... possibly sometime this weekend... I will reveal more of that 'something special'. I am super-duper excited about it & hope you will be as well. Until then... happy stitching...

And many warm smiles to you all...


  1. Hooray it's time for summer break! I bet Trinity is as excited as you are :) Wonderful Friday finishes!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful summer coming up!

  3. Looks and sounds as if you have been very busy.
    School for me is out next Thursday but who is keeping track????? :)


  4. Hi Betty.. that's great... I know what you mean about not being a morning person me either..
    Do enjoy Monday morning when you can ignor that old Alarm Clock!!

    Have a great extended weekend!!


  5. You keep teasing about your "something special" have me excited too LOL!! Can't wait to see what you've been up to! Enjoy all that summer fun....wish my guys were still little enough to plan all those fun outings! Happy Sunday ~Kriss~

  6. How great it's the end of school for Trinity. Hoping the Summer goes by slow for both of you :). Looking forward to all you create over the next few months!!


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