Monday, July 11, 2011

~*Inspirations For Stitchin'*~

Hello Dear Friends! After getting home from basket ball camp with the kiddo today... and before fixing something for supper... I dared the sweltering heat for a few minutes looking for inspirations for stitchin'...

I have many blooms popping... but my Black~Eyed Susan's are so cheery!

Maybe they will inspire an idea?

Or maybe stepping into the air conditioned studio to look through pieces of linen will do it?

Or maybe picking a piece of linen, some pretty flosses, and a fat quarter of calico will do it?

So... will I begin stitchin' and make up the pattern as I go? Or hang out at the computer to work something up before beginning? Time will tell. But I do know for sure... that it is too hot to be outside for very long.

I hope you are all staying cool, comfortable, and safe. Our part of the Midwest is under an excessive heat warning. It isn't safe to be out there for long.

Wishing you warm... maybe I should say COOL... smiles...



  1. Boy it sure was a hot one here today. Glad to hear you're using the time inside wisely. LOL!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. We sure could use a COLD front right now here in the Midwest.

    Keep cool.


  3. I agree - My air conditioner is working overtime !!!!

  4. Your Black~Eyed Susans do look wonderful. Hoping it cools down a bit your way....goodness it has been one HOT summer :) Glad we can keep cool inside and it's a good time to be stitching!

  5. Make it up as you go... and enjoy that AC in the studio! Whoo-hoo!

  6. We must be craft sisters, cause I was looking at some black eyed susans too and thinking what I could make using them as an inspiration! Take care and stay cool! Janice

  7. Amazing what we find for inspiration, the simplest things can sometimes inspire the most beautiful designs. I can't believe your black eyed susans are already in bloom...mine will take another few weeks yet. So pretty!! Keep those ideas coming ~Kriss~

  8. I agree with you its WAYYYY too hot to be outside! What wonderful sources for inspiration!

  9. I'm sure wherever your inspiration leads you, we'll love the final destination! Hope it has cooled off for you - we were a little sticky the past several days, but today is downright chilly...Had to trade the shorts and tank in for something warmer!! Wishing you a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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