Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~*An After... and a Peek*~

Hello Dear Friends! I pray this post finds you all doing well after a fabulous weekend. We had a very nice weekend full of fun here... and when we weren't busy with family fun... I cleaned, sorted, and un~hoarded our spare bedroom. Did you catch that last thing? Goodness... our spare room had become the catch~all of everything. It was especially over~destroyed after the previous weekend when I used it to hold all of the kiddo's extra things from his bedroom make over.

So... I cleaned and re~arranged... to make it nice again. A few years ago, I painted the walls & floor (yes, another room that is without the 40 year old carpet... and still waiting to get new carpeting)... but look how it is now...

I didn't take the time to snap any pictures when it was a wreck... but maybe you didn't need to see the 'bad'. Here is how it looked right before the make~over... click here.

Many of the items in this room are family heirlooms... or gifts from family. The lamp on the table once belonged to my husband's Grandmother. The picture on the wall was a gift to me from my Dad not long before he passed. The old trunk was a gift to me from my Grandpa when I was in middle school. I hooked the rug that sets on it now. (It is a pattern from Star Rug Company.) The Lincoln rocker was a gift from my dear Aunt LaVon. The list goes on and on... but all are near and dear to my heart.

It is amazing how re~arranging the furniture can make a room look larger. The bed use to be straight on the wall where the make~up table is... it looks so much better to me set in the corner.

A close~up of many of my 'tiny' treasures... a lot of these were made and given to me by very dear friends and family...

I'm also thrilled to tell you... I stitched quite a bit this weekend. Here is a sneak peek of the next school girl sampler...

Thank you to all of you that have purchased the new releases. All have been mailed and should arrive soon. Happy stitching!

Also... it was brought to my attention that my blog may not have been loading very quickly. I'm not computer~wise and don't know for sure what the problem was (hopefully it is better now)... but I did remove several of the third party widgets with hopes to have corrected the issue. Thank you for being patient... with me and with the computer... please let me know if it seems better. If not... I will happily check into it more.

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. It does look bigger! I love the bed in the corner...it's very inviting! Job well done :)

  2. it is really loking so lovely..i really love the ornaments and sweet quilts..very warm feeling i am having..love xx

  3. Love the room and your decorations, really feels cozy and inviting.


  4. Oh Betty, it is just beautiful, so many lovely items that have real meaning for you. You have done a great job of re-arranging.

  5. Love the new room...the rocker is perfect there..glad you are enjoying it.

  6. Oh what an inviting room! How did you do the floors? It's nice you have so many treasures.

  7. the room looks so inviting and peaceful. great job!!

  8. Love that room...can I come be a guest?? ;o) And, yeah...I had to peek at the "before." Kinda what our "spare" bedroom/office/study/craft room looks like now - except "sans" the neat and tidy organized piles. When you said you put all of Trinity's things in the spare room when you redid his room, I though, hmmmm...that'd never work here as there is no ROOM in the spare room (nothing "spare" about it!) Arghhh...keep it up....the inspiration and motivation is seeping slowly but surely in....It looks wonderful and fresh....Happy tomorrow! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Your room looks cozy, filled with my kind of things. Love all of your tiny treasures. I can't wait for the next school girl sampler.

  10. Beautiful room with lots of special memories inside. Looks lot a love is inside! Great job on the re~arranging!

  11. The room appears now so well-arranged and larger - love it! :o)



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