Friday, September 23, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

and Happy Fall to y'all!

Hello dear friends! Another Friday has rolled around... and

Cindy shared a fabulous finish... from the freebie ~*Sunflowers N' Crows*~...

It is so bright & cheery! Beautiful color choices & wonderfully clean stitches. Don't you think?

Thank you, Cindy, for stitching and sharing!

Now, I have another finish to share with you... and I'm not sure she wanted me to... but I do want to give you all some WARNING... so this doesn't happen to you. Shirlee stitched the ~*Simplify*~ freebie using some beautiful Weeks Dye Works threads. She had decided to do the staining after stitching because she had a few other projects that needed staining too... so she was just going to do them all at one time. She was very alarmed and disappointed to see the specialty threads bleed. This WILL happen with the specialty threads. I have never had a problem with this when using DMC... but this has happened to me before with the specialty threads.

With the one that I had that bled... I just left it because, to me, it was an excuse to make it appear older. But really... it wasn't suppose to happen. You may not want it to happen to your work. So... use caution. If you want to age with stain, know the floss you are using. Sometimes it is better to stain your fabric before stitching.

Shirlee, I'm sorry this happened to your piece. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


Well... today is the first day of Fall! I picked up a few mums at the store yesterday. They were priced very reasonable... so I splurged & spent $10... enough to fill the pots on the front porch. I bought gold, burgundy, and white with yellow centers. So today I will celebrate the first day of the new season with a little planting!

Wishing you warm smiles... and a happy weekend...



  1. I don't mind you sharing my misfortune Betty ... hopefully others will see it & avoid the same mistake : ) I'll bet those mums look pretty. I have been seeing them for sale & have been tempted to buy a few myself : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  2. Shirlee,

    I'm so sorry this happened to you!! I almost always use DMC and luckily have not had anything bleed when I stain. Altho I worry sometimes with reds! I wonder if you tried to stain it again - using a much darker blend - of coffee and tea or whatever. Altho you have it done up already, so you probably don't want to. But when I look at it, it looks like a really old piece that has been around for awhile! So enjoy it!

    Linda in VA

  3. hello dear, oh no..this is not nice..and very annoying too..
    thank you for sharing this with us all..i will keep it in my mind..
    very lovely finishes..well done ladies..
    have a lovely weekend dear..
    big hugs xx

  4. It's always nice to see the finishes of your patterns.
    That is a shame what happened to Shirlee, I bet she
    was shocked! But on the positive side, it does make it
    look even older!
    Warm Regards,

  5. ohhh sorry you had to experience this Shirlee ... i never wash any hand dyeds either threads or fabric .... love mouse xxxx

  6. Great finishes!

    And Shirlee, I am SO sorry this happened! All that hard work! You may want to consider using Valdani hand dyed threads for your work, they are color fast and I have never had any bleed for me. You can find out where to get them near you or order direct from their website

    So sorry,


  7. What a bright and cheery "Crows" finish! And, poor Shirlee - when she posted that, I felt so bad for her.... :o( Happy fall to you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. I think the bleeding dye on it gives it a wonderful effect.

  9. That's a shame,I haven't had a problem with DMC bleeding except for the red, I found when I overdyed it with hot water, it did bleed.


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