Thursday, September 22, 2011

~*More Sweet Kindness in the Mail*~

All the way from...
Hello Dear Friends! Today needed a 'cheer~up'... and it came in the mail. Recently I won a giveaway from Cucki... who lives in South Africa. She sent me a package of treasures... so full of thoughtfulness & kindness...

In the package was..

the postcard with beautiful photos that you see at the beginning of this post

a note card and handwritten letter in the most perfect penmanship... giving me congrats for winning

a Guardian Angel key ring

a sweet rooster cross stitch kit

some metallic threads

a pair of swan scissors with a delightful beaded FOB

a package of John James needles

and a new & beautiful tape measure (oh you should see what I WAS using!)

... all sweetly packaged in the cutest gift bags

but that isn't all! Cucki also made & gave me these darling flowers! I have a small handmade basket that I plan to put them in.

Cucki, thank you so much! Your kindness & generosity is just a joy!

I'm always amazed by my online friends & how far away they can be from me. Being from Kansas... I have never been out of the country or even seen the ocean. Maybe someday I will be able to adventure out. Until then... I will enjoy those far away places through you.

Even the postage on Cucki's package brought me smiles...

So, today needed a little 'cheer~up'... nothing terrible was really wrong. I was just a little down... but now I'm smiling again.

Wishing you warm smiles too...



  1. hello dear, its me your cucki..
    i am so happy that you like so sweet my dear friend.
    keep smiling dear..and me sending you lots of love and big elphanty hugs from south africa :)
    me loves you xx

  2. get "elphanty hugs" too?? What a dear friend you have there.

  3. Wonderful, what a blessing a dear friend is!

  4. Sometimes sunshine comes in the mail, doesn't it. Glad you got some today.

  5. What wonderful goodies and beautiful things, always nice to have a surprise on those down days, we all have them. I was hoping for lots of walks, but it is raining this week, not fun.


  6. aww lovely gift and elelphanty hugs too .:) glad it made your day :) love mouse xxx

  7. Congratulations on your wonderful giveaway treasures from Cucki! I see her lovely, kind, comments around about Blogland so very often and think she is one of the kindest souls around....I know you will enjoy your treasures from afar....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Awww Miss Betty glad your back to smilin' and what a wonderful box of goodies to do the trick!

  9. A smile can appear out of nowhere and when least expected. Glad you are smiling again Betty.
    Such a sweet, sweet package from so far away :)


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