Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~*From a Dear Friend*~

Hello Friends! A treasure came in yesterday's mail... from my very dear friend, Ginger! She enclosed cards explaining these were belated birthday gifts... for me...

and for Trinity...

Oh my goodness! We were both glowing with glee!

My new pillow is so beautiful! I honestly had tears of joy when I opened it! The handwork is magnificent, perfect colors, gorgeous wools... it is just beautiful! I already have it displayed in the living room.

The new stash of toys was eagerly accepted! Plus, there was $10 in his card too! Good grief... who is more spoiled? Trinity or me? I can't decide!

Ginger is so talented and generous! Thank you, Ginger! We love our gifts! How can I ever return your generosity and kindness?

Our weekend was hectic and fun! But, it is time to get back to 'work' now... I've got small projects in the works to offer at our small town craft show in November... and I am still putting stitches in the second school house sampler... with hopes to begin the third soon... and I need to get items worked up for Early Work Mercantile that updates on the 1st... so time to get busy.

Wishing you all warm smiles,



  1. What a sweet thing for Ginger to do, I am so behind this year and still in a fog half the time, so hopefully I can catch up and surprise a few people.

    I took two days to finish it off. I started sewing by hand, then ended up using the machine to put the rows together. If you make a mini quilt, just sew by machine and then put your batting in and do hand stitching, will look the same and it can be done in a day.


  2. hello dear, really very lovely gift..i love it so much..you so lucky..this is really very sweet pillow..
    i love trinity smile:)
    keep well dear and have a lovely day xx

  3. Ginger is such a dear gal! and her stitching is the best...so good to see that smiling face of Trinity's...

  4. What a lovely thing for your friend to do,for you both.Love the pillow and the smile on Trinity's face.Hugs,Jen

  5. Beautiful pillow - that orange wool in the pumpkin is so yummy! How very sweet of Ginger! And - oh - I so, so, miss the Lego days!!! (Really!!) Have a wonderful rest of the week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Aw, Ginger is such a sweetie! That's very sweet of her to think of Trinity also. I love that fall design and the pumpkin wool is beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous pillow from your friend, lovely of her to think of Trinity too.

  8. How sweet!! Ginger is so kind and giving. Love the pillow and Trinity's smile. I think your reponse and his smile warms Gingers heart :)
    I'm with Debbie at being behind big time with the rak's. time is just flying by...

  9. Trinity's smile says it all. He is one special guy and he does warm my heart. You and your family are always such a blessing hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


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