Monday, October 24, 2011

~*Chocolate In the Mail!*~

What a treasure of sweetness!

Hello Dear Friends! When I checked the mail after getting home from work on Friday, there was a box. I hadn't ordered anything and didn't recognize the return address... and the sender hadn't put a name, other than mine, on the box. Hmmmm.... what could it be?

Imagine the smile that stretched from one side of my face to another when I saw this box of chocolate fudge and this darling handmade card from dear Dora! Dora (no blog) from Massachusetts sent me chocolate fudge! How sweet! She has stitched many of my patterns and shared many for ~*Friday Finishes*~... I'm sure you have seen them. She stitches beautifully and her photography is just a beautiful.

Recently, she had the pleasure of attending an open house at Mount Saint Mary's Abbey. She was able to take part in the public tour of the new facility(She was told this was a once in a lifetime event.)... and shop for chocolate too. She lives nearby and does go there frequently to pray. What a joy that must be!

The candy is made and sold as a fundraiser for the Abbey... and it is divine! I can tell you... it makes a most wonderful gift! You may want to visit the website for some sweet shopping!

The handmade card Dora included with the chocolate is one she made herself. She photographed one of her cross stitch finishes for the front and put Happy Halloween wishes inside. The cross stitch finish is from a Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin pattern. Just wickedly darling!

I'm so touched that Dora thought of me... and sent me such a sweet gift. Thank you Dora!


I have today and tomorrow off work... I am going to take the time to get some photos taken of the latest schoolhouse sampler pattern... and write up some detailed instructions. So... if all goes well, this pattern will be released tomorrow evening!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. so sweet..what a lovely gift from sweet dora..
    enjoy it dear and have a lovely day..
    hugs from cucki xxx

  2. How very sweet of Dora....and yes, I've seen her lovely finishes here on your blog....Such a wonderful token of friendship....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Any fudge left??) ;o)

  3. Nothing better than chocolate. A good, kind parent sent me chocolate pretzels today...I was so thrilled. Don't you love surprise gifts?

  4. What a wonderful surprise!!! The card is beautiful too. Can't wait for the schoolhouse sampler... Enjoy your days off.

  5. What a wonderful gift and so thoughtful.


  6. What a nice day to receive a mail with chocolates! You are so special.. The sender really likes you that much.


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