Friday, October 28, 2011

~*Friday Frights*~

Happy Halloween Dear Friends! I'm sorry to report... but there aren't any ~*Friday Finishes*~ to share with you this week. We did carve one of our pumpkins tonight & can share it...

Trinity & Tony will be carving a few more tomorrow at a family gathering while I'm at work... and then we will all enjoy some more family fun at the annual Costume Party hosted by my dear in~laws tomorrow night. Maybe I can really scare you with some photo updates from the spooky, good time we are sure to have!

Here is a simple, display we made for our front yard...

Casper was given to us by my dear mother~in~law and Trinity made the tombstones last year. It isn't anything fancy like I see when driving around town... but we had fun putting it together.

Have a Happy Halloween! Don't eat too much candy or get tricked too many times!

Wishing you warm, spooky smiles...


hee hee hee hee hee <*wink*>


  1. Awesome carving job!!! You all wanna carve one for me? I'm thinking this year I'm gonna be JOL-less.... :o( Love your display with Casper as well....Happy spooking! Smiles & Halloween Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Very cute! I love it when people put forth effort !! The jack-o-lantern is great! Have spo0oOky fun with your family!!

  3. Happy Halloween there! Great Casper and great Pumpkin! joanne

  4. That's a great carved pumpkin! And the gobblin next to it is kinda cute too! ;-) Your yard display is just right! Have fun at the party!

  5. Great looking jol... I have my pumpkin outside waiting to be carved later on.... I just do a simple face... 2 circles for eyes and one big one for the mouth.... I'm neither creative nor good at it, so I make it easy as I can! But old traditions die hard around here, and I must carve every year... This year I'll be doing it in the middle of a snowstorm... now that's something new!
    Happy Halloween!

  6. Happy halloween dear..sweetest casper and lovely loving it so much.
    hugs for you xx

  7. Happy Halloween! Have a great time at the party, too!

  8. Awesome JOL and Trinity looks great in the glow! Love the display....Have a spooktacular Halloween!


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