Tuesday, January 17, 2012

~*A Little Bit of Everything*~

Hello Dear Friends! Yup... this post is a little bit of everything... and I'm going to start by sharing my new FAVORITE song with you...
"A Little Bit of Everything" by Dawes

Oh my goodness... I love this song so much I had to buy the CD! And... if you know me very well, you know that I'm not one to buy music for myself. My husband on the other hand... has what seems like millions of CDs & albums. Well... I guess I will admit, I did buy myself a couple of Peter Frampton CDs after seeing him in concert last summer (I love him!)... so now my music collection consists of those 3 CDs. ha ha ha... I have come a long way from my Madonna years... back in high school! And... because my husband has so much music, I have figured out how to put it on my MP3 player... and I do have a large collection stored there for my walking. So, I guess I am getting more musical! Anyway... listen to the song if you get a chance... it is truly a goodie!

Today is Day 3 of my weekend... tomorrow is back to work. I wish I could tell you or show you more crafty goodies... but I don't have too many to share. Although I have been stitching and hooking...

using up some of my red worms...
and have plans to get more hooked...
my latest freebie is almost stitched up... just the center of the flowers left... then some finishing...

Tomorrow is my dear husband's 50th birthday. We had a semi~surprise (because it is tough to pull one over on him... he kind of knew what was going on) birthday party on Saturday night. Much of our family met up at our local FAVORITE burger joint...Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers... for supper & cake. Afterwards, many of us went to the bowling alley to knock down a few pins... or try to anyway. It was a fun night! Doesn't he look like one handsome, happy fella?

The manager at Freddy's hung black balloons and wrote 'Happy Birthday' on his cake. There was a large crowd of us there... and we got lots of looks from the other diners. Too cute! Oh, and before we left Freddy's, we gathered up all the balloons, trimmed the ribbons short, and had a balloon launch in the parking lot! This was my MILs idea... and it was so memorable!

Happy Birthday to you Tony! I love you!

For his birthday present, I bought him an rc car and another CD for his huge collection. :-)

Well... the day is passing by... I better get back to that needle & hook before it is too late.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. happy birthday to tony..
    everything is so beautiful..lovely stitching and cute heart..
    have a lovely day xxx

  2. The hearts look great! John & Tony would get along well ... John has about a gazillion CDs as well : ) He is soooo into music! Happy Birthday to Tony! John's is February 3rd. Blessings, Shirlee

  3. Though I am not a "heart person" I adore those pretty hooky hearts you've made!

    That birthday celebration sounds like a good one!

  4. Happy Birthday to Tony!!! Sounds like a grand celebration.
    Your new pieces are looking wonderful. Glad you found some time to do some stitching and pulling loops.

  5. Sounds like a very FUN and memorable time! Happy 50th to Tony!

    The hearts are so pretty, love all the colors.

    Wishing you a productive time of creating and crafting before it's back to work~

  6. Happy Birthday to Tony!!! He looks like he's getting ready to dive into that cake! :-) Loverly hooked hearts!

  7. Happy Birthday, Tony! Glad you had such a great time!
    Love the hearts!

  8. Have admired the hearts several times and keep returning to admire again, so guess it' s at the point to say I love them! Smiles


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