Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello Dear Friends! I know... I have been so quiet & not posting as often as I should (or as often as I would like to anyway). I'm so sorry for that.

This past week I did manage to do some hooking though... wanna see?
These rugs are both on one piece of linen... and I am sticking to my goal of using ONLY the worms from my shoe boxes (see earlier post). These worms are all different cut sizes... and all different kinds of wool (the good, the bad, and the ugly!)... but I am using them and them only. I figure the rugs are scrappy ~ so why not use it up!?! Plus... the more olde, primitive, and grungy... the better!
I hooked the "Wool" rug keeping the loops all pretty close to the same height & direction... but the "Two Hearts" rug is hickety~pickety... all different heights & directions. Why, you may be asking? Well... simply 'cause I wanted to. I like hickety~pickety! I like that it is not the 'norm'... and I love the olde, unskilled look of it.
Tomorrow I hope to press both rugs and bind the edges. I'm thinking of trying a crochet edging on them. I've never attempted it before... but am looking forward my attempt. Have any of you done it?

My next rug project... or one of my next... is this challenge rug...
This challenge rug is from the online group An American Primitive Gathering (AAPG)... lead by Kelley. It is a quarterly challenge ~ so I have 3 months to get it done. Here is the antique version of the rug...
So far I have only gotten the pattern drawn on linen... and gathered up a pile of wools. I have more darks, but am thinking the others could be used for the design elements.
Work has been slowing down... and my boss decided to only have me come in three days a week for now until things pick back up. I have so many crafty things I want to get done ~ I am looking at the cut back as a positive. Now I have more time to create!

And right now... I'm going to go do just that!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Thanks girls!

    The "Wool" rugs is about 19 by 7 inches.

  2. Wonderful wool projects. I always loved working part time and crafting the rest of the time;)


  3. Betty your new rugs are beautiful!!! I'm really lovin the "Wool" one. :0)

  4. Love your newest hooked projects and especially like the hickety pickety style. Makes it all the more prim.
    Hope you enjoy every minute of your time off! Happy Hooking and stitching to you :)

  5. Betty, you do such great work. I don't know how to hook rug with wool.
    I love the hearts and the one that says wool!
    I enjoy your blog so much!!
    Happy Hooking,

  6. They both look fabulous! I like the hickety-pickety hooking too! Heck... it's even fun to say! :-) Might even add some fun to the antique challenge rug? Enjoy your days off! I would LOVE to go back to 3 day weekends!

  7. Love them!! Happy hooking Betty :)

  8. The rugs are very pretty. The rug from the group is beautiful but looks challenging! You'll do a beautiful job, though. I've not hooked yet so I don't know about the crochet edging. Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives could tell you, though.

  9. Beautiful! :-) I absolutely love your work and so enjoy visiting your blog to see what you're up to. You are so talented! :-) Hope you'll stop by and visit my blog and/or site some time. Best wishes always, Jodi, Hannah's PinKeep

  10. I go back and forth on which rug I like best! I love the wool one - but then I love hearts - so that draws me to the heart one!!

    Linda in VA

  11. Can't wait to see your challenge piece finished. I loved it when Kelley posted it on her site! HOw long do you have to finish it?

  12. Love the heart rug! Good luck with that challenge one...Janice


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