Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~*Today's Chore*~

*** To organize my wormy mess! ***
Hello Dear Friends! I hope your day has been pleasant. I thought I would share some of my 'bad side' with you. This pile of worms has been growing for the past several years (about six years actually). The worms multiply quickly when not looking! I have taken the time to sort them by color groups in the past... only to throw them all in a vintage, wooden laundry basket... and let them continue to pile up again.

Today though... I have a goal & am striving to "make do or do without"!

I went down in the basement to gather up my growing assortment of shoe boxes (apparently they multiply when not looking too!)... and sort them again. I'm not being too picky about being 'exact'... but neutrals with neutrals, reds with reds, oranges with oranges, etc. etc. etc. After about an hour and a half... I have about half of the pile sorted...
My shoe boxes are getting full! I need more boxes... or should have bought boots so the boxes are bigger... or maybe I need bigger feet... those would be bigger boxes! Oh well...

I'm nearing the end of my chore and I have a plan. I drew up a couple simple rugs... and am only going to work from these worms to hook them. I'm not allowed to cut any wool for these two rugs... and probably about a dozen others - an estimate I see from looking at the piles!

Yes, I still have wool piled on the table in my studio (I showed you that in an earlier post)... but it remains uncut and is waiting patiently to be used on the challenge rug... that is also drawn out.

Oh heck... I have 4 rugs (maybe more?) on my list, at least 4 cross stitches begun... and who knows what else!!! And... tomorrow starts my work week again. **sigh**

Well, I am feeling better and I do hope to work on my '15 minutes of crafting a day' goal... so my projects are ready for me when I am!!!

On that note... I have crafting to do!

*** Don't forget! The Giveaway ends tomorrow evening at 8pm CST! ***

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. hello dear, so happy that you are feeling better :)
    those worms are so lovely and colorful..that sight remind me of my crafty cupboard...sigh too..
    happy crafting dear xx

  2. You are doing a great job of organising. Enjoy your work week.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  3. You are putting me to shame. You should see my rat's nest of knotted worms. I should be doing the same thing you are because the wool strips are so intertwined that I couldn't find a light blue strip if my life depended on it.

    Once I tried to keep my worms separated by value. Wrong thing to do..... so changed it to colors and that worked for a while. And now I've got the rat's nest all over again. So maybe I'll be inspired to organize after the three UFO's are completed and bound. Ah ha. There I said it.


  4. Betty, you sure did a great job organising your wool. I am sure it took you some time to do that, but I bet know when you look at it you say "YES" I can find every color and it is all so neat.
    Great job.
    Have a blessed night.
    Prim Blessings,

  5. Shoe boxes sound like a good way to keep those pesky worms rounded up!
    It will be interesting to see how many rugs worth you actually have there! LOL!
    Glad you're feeling better and feeling like tackling those projects again..... I have been stressing some here too about which one to tackle first..... I've got wool soaking, taxes spread out on the table, laundry going etc. Maybe something will get done..... who knows!

    Cathy G

  6. My worms are piled, or should I say tangled, in a big tote bag at the present. I can't wait to see the worm rugs...

  7. looks great so far! I have the same problem, except with threads in my baskets!!!

    great job so far Betty,. can't wait to see your rugs!

  8. What a practical and inexpensive way to keep organized! I have seen folks spend hundreds of dollar to achieve what you did with your storage....great job! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week! Hugs

  9. I say buy more shoes!
    The best looking worms I've seen.

  10. You sure do have a lot of worms, lol.
    I cut as I go, so only have a few, I use them when I need an extra piece or two, in a project.


  11. OOOHHH...I'd love to have that big 'ol messy pile of worms !!....lol....I'm in the beginnings of trying to amass my mess !!!...lol
    It looks good so far and I KNOW you are going to create some delicious rugs with them !!

  12. It's an invasion of WORMS!!!! Glad you got them under control...You should see my invasion! Bet Trinity will be helping out on the bigger shoe boxes before long :) Now to see what you create from the worm pile bet it's going to be great!

  13. Hmmmm...you've got my twisted little brain going here....What a perfect excuse to buy more shoes!! ;o) (I have to confess that I have a very OCD way of dealing with my worms, so there is not "mass" of them....and I'm not ready to confess publicly to what, exactly, I DO do with them...but you've got me thinking I may need to change my ways.....) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  14. I would love to have some of the colors of your worms to mutliply in my basement any time. LOL.

    You did a great job on sorting.


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