Sunday, January 8, 2012

~*My New Old Rug*~

Hello Dear Friends! I want to first of all say THANK YOU for the huge response to my giveaway! It is still going on & if you have not signed up, you still have time. Be sure to do so on the Giveaway post before Wednesday, January 11th by 8pm CST.

I've had a tough week... suffering with a stinky cold. Because of that, I have not kept up with my goal of crafting on something for 15 minutes a day. Hopefully this will change as I begin to feel better. My cold didn't keep me from working... I refused to call in sick to work. I just felt extremely sluggish by days end... and completely worn out. However, I didn't let it stop me from visiting the First Friday Art Walk in downtown North Topeka with my dear mom on Friday evening!

The NOTO district of downtown North Topeka is marvelous! It is growing in popularity and is so much fun to visit for the monthly event! If you are ever in the area, I urge you to visit.

There is an antique shop there that is only open for the art walk and the Saturday following. It is appropriately named Two Days. The vendors in the shop keep their prices low... and if an item hasn't sold for the first showing... it is marked down at the next month... and even at the following month if it is still there. Well, I have eyeballed this rug for 3 months in a row... and broke down Friday evening and bought it. I picked it up for only $38. No, it isn't a perfect rug by any shape or means... but I love it. I love the raveling edges and the sorta bright & oddly placed colors. Plus, I think the shape is very interesting. It is a large rug too... about 3 by 5 feet.

I wanted it to put in my studio... and that is where it now is...

Maybe I'm silly... but I love the rug!

Today it the first day of my weekend... the house has been cleaned... and the projects are brewing. I have a new cross stitch pattern charted, my blackwork sampler has been stitched and now needs framed or sewn into something... and I have a new rug for a challenge drawn up... with wool gathered waiting to be cut...

What to do... what to do?

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. What a beautiful rug and beautiful selection of wool.
    I hope that you are feeling better!

  2. Hello dear I love the rug too .. It is too sweet and looking so lovely..
    Keep well and have a lovely day.. Hugs cucki :)

  3. Betty,
    That is a wonderful rug! The old ones have such character and it doesn't bother me in the least when they have frayed edges! Think how many years it held up and will for many more years!
    The colors of your wool pulled for the next project really has me intrigued!
    Can't wait to see what it is!!
    I hope you can shake that cold and feel like creating soon! My mind shuts down when I get that way and prevents me from accomplishing anything.....
    Warm hugs and healing thoughts your way!!
    Cathy G

  4. You are a busy, busy girl. :-) Can't wait to see the new charted design. I love the rug and a steal at $38.

  5. Betty ~
    I hope you are beginning to feel better!
    Great rug. You done good, girlfriend!
    Love the colors you've chosen for your hooking project.
    Hugs :)

  6. LOVE the rug Bettygirl ! such bright, happy colors in this one! ~! and a baragin at was meant to be yours...can't wait to see what els you come up with...2012 is going to be a SMASHING year, no??

  7. I LOVE your new old rug and think you got one heck of a deal at $38. Frankly, I think it was meant for you since it was still there after all that long. Congrats on your great purchase.


  8. Flowers remind me of waterlilies, so you can spend the winter like Goldberry, from LOTR with your feet in them. :)

    The stack of neutrals is the perfect setting or separating for all those lovely colors. Have you seen inch rugs?

    I'm working on Lori's Mermaid rug this winter, from Kris M/spruce ridge studios.

    Have fun and a happy heart whatever you choose! Jo

  9. Oh, aren't colds the worst? You feel so miserable, but everyone thinks you only have a "cold". I hope you feel better very soon. I love your rug purchase. And it was a good buy! The old rugs are so wonderful. I can't wait to see what you are going to do with the new the colors.

  10. Sure hope your cold is getting better! Danny has been battling one also and he sure better not pass it along to me :)
    Love the new old rug and it looks perfect in your studio.
    I'm like you what to do what to do! I want to do it all at once :) Love the wools you have gathered!

  11. Wonderful old rug, can never find any good ones around here.
    My rugs don't hold up with the animals, so making wall ones for now.


  12. It seems like everyone is sick with something. It's a terrible virus or severe cough and cold.
    I hope you get better real soon. The rug is gorgeous. I'm glad you got it.
    I can't wait to see your finishes.

  13. Your new carpet is pretty old!
    Dear Betty-Thank you!:

  14. Wow! What a gorgeous rug! I love the colors... the pale blue and then the eye popping orange/red! I can see why you caved and finally bought it! Maybe we should draw it up as a pattern and hook one....hmmmm...maybe I'll make that a hooking project for 2012 over here... :-) Enjoy your days off, Betty! Rest up and be creative!

  15. Sure hope you feel 100% soon Betty, and that it's the last cold of the year!
    Your rug find is terrific for your shop. What a welcome to enter in :).

  16. You are not silly at all! I love the rug also!! It was just waiting for you to take it home and love it to pieces!

    Hope you feel better soon... I've had something for weeks now and I understand that draggy feeling by the end of the day!

    Linda in VA

  17. Sounds like a fun event! Your rug is lovely.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Winter colds are no fun.


  18. What a cool rug...and love those colors. I think you paid a fair price for that beauty...any time you want to give it up, let me know. Take care, Janice

  19. I am running woefully behind here in blogging - hope by the time you read this that you're fully recovered from the nasties. So far this year, I've been truly lucky...usually I get sick before the holidays and it keeps morphing into something else until spring. I think your rug is absolutely charming...I have a hard time resisting those old hooked rugs....knowing how much work went into each, I feel like I need to adopt each orphan I see. (Good thing I didn't see this one!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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