Monday, February 13, 2012

~*Auction Fun*~

Hello Dear Friends! Yesterday was a day off work (so are today & the next too... YIPPEE!). We had read in the Shopper earlier last week that there was an estate auction scheduled... and I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I realized my days off and the auction coincided with one another! Tony, Trinity, and I hopped in my big pick up... and set out to spend the day! This particular auction dealer always does a great job... and the auction is always held inside the heated/air conditioned county 4-H building... with a lunch counter too.

Here are a few of the goodies I came home with...

This isn't an oldie... but it is still a goodie to me! I don't even care that it is missing a drawer. The salt & pepper Sheep were a gift from my Mom not long ago. They add just the right touch to this ditty!
I have been wanting one of these sifters for some time now. I nabbed this one yesterday... even as I was getting a strange look from my husband as I was bidding. He just didn't know what or why. But I hung it in my studio & set Mabel Ann Suffolk in the center. I'm delighted!
These old hat boxes were in a lot of things we won. I set them in the spare room for now... they will make a good spot to store things in.
I won this oak framed mirror for $2.50. I just have a 'thing' for old patina-ed mirrors.
This hand crafted mirror was another find in a lot of boxes. It is made from mosaics of old White Ironstone pottery. I love the cup handle on it!
I am gradually sorting through boxes. Among the mix of stuff here are several 'trash~to~treasure' pieces... old wood bowls, boxes... and even some Sculpty clay although I'm not sure it will be any good. I'll just have to mess with it when I find the time.
I love the vintage fly swatter!
Hand crafted, quilted Teddy bears are always a treasure!
This guy needed a good home!
He was made by 'M Mills in 1989.
In the box lots of stuff... some more White Ironstone for my collection! O-Yah!
Tony asked me what I was going to do with it & said he didn't even realize I collected it. What? Well, I told him I was just going to put it on the shelf with my other Ironstone for now. Someday I think I'll have a tea party with it! ha ha ha... but then I guess I should be on the look out for some cups to put with it!
We have more things that I didn't get photographed. Trinity nabbed a mirrored box and a tiny leather canoe to play with. Tony brought home some tools and a few other odds n' ends. Oh... and in the box lots were four full sets of Queen size, white sheets. I'm washing them as I type. We don't need them all. I'll sort through them after they are laundered, but if I find they are stained or have wholes... they make awesome rag stuffing! And you can hardly beat the price!

We didn't spend very much money, but we had a day full of fun together... and brought some of the fun home too. We can barely wait for the next one!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Hi Betty,
    Oh my you did get some wonderful treasures! I LOVE the little box with drawers! It looks like you have found the perfect spot already for things! Your post made me miss the days of antiquing and hitting a really good auction..... not many good ones like that around here anymore!! I love the white ironstone too!! Have fun with all the goodies and Happy Valentines Day to you and Tony!!
    Cathy G

  2. Betty ~
    Great purchases! Old or nor, I love that spice box! Ditto for the ironstone.
    Isn't it fun?
    Hugs :)

  3. I am so loving that first item!! The wood patina is just fantastic. You scored on all your goodies. I have never been to an auction but I would sure love to go, especially after seeing your finds.

  4. you scored some really fun treasures. Love auctions when there are "real" antiques! you would have had another competitor from Mn......

  5. Oh Betty~~ What treasures you came home with!! Thanks for sharing...I am particularly partial to the small box with the missing drawer....Nice!

  6. Good thing I wasn't there! I'd 'a' been fighting you for those treasures, especially the shelf with all the drawers. What a fantastic buy. We have local estate sales but they're more like garage sales and a professional company puts them on and the set prices are sky-high. Guess I'm just going to have to start going to auctions again. You've inspired me. Congratulations on your wonderful buys.

  7. You would never know that the spice box wasn't an antique! Great patina, and I love the little sheep sitting on/in it!! Just perfect....

    You got so many great things at the auction, and it sounds like a wonderful day out!

  8. Auctions are so much fun! I love the spice box! It's always fun to sort through the boxes and find some treasures. I'm glad you had the day off, so you could make it!

  9. I love auctions. Oh how nice you had such a good time. You brought many treasures home with you. Blessings!

  10. Very nice finds and wonderful items to decorate with.
    We don't have auctions that I know of, but I do like the consignment stores, they carry nice prims and antiques at good prices.


  11. A very good auction day indeed!
    Love the little drawers, the quilted Teddy, the ironstone and the sifter!

  12. Such a wonderful assortment of goodies....I think I like the fly swatter the best :) See you soon!!!

  13. Wowser! what a haul. You really done good Betty. Its all fun stuff and of course i love the set of drawers.

  14. Great treasures, Betty. Is the M. Mills Maureen of Sweet Meadow Farms? I would be so thrilled if it was and I had the doll.

  15. oooo you had a lovely day and gorgeous goodies you found as well ... :) love mouse xxxx

  16. such a sweet treasure deary..
    have a lovely day..
    with love cucki xxx

  17. WoW...what a fun time! Love the ironstone and the mirror with the little of a kind for sure!

  18. Lots of great goodies were at that estate sale! Love the drawer shelf and those sheep look perfect tucked in there! And Mabel looks cozy in her sifter! Enjoy your days off, Betty!

  19. Great finds Betty!! I have never been to an auction, I must put it on my list to do one day! Cammie

  20. a lot of greast things there, good for you!

  21. Love your goodies..especially that apothacary box which is missing a drawer. Have a great Valentines Day! Take care, Janice

  22. Oh you lucky girl! What awesome finds!!! LOVE that little shelf w/drawers...& who cares a drawers is missing...just adds character!
    I have a finish to share with you...I've pinned it to my "Finishes" Pinterest board already and will share it on my blog on Friday!
    Enjoy your days off!

  23. Lordy woman, you hit the mother load and I'm envious. Maybe I missed the story, but would love to hear more about Mabel Ann Suffolk.


  24. Oh wow girl, I'm envious! What great finds! Don't you just love the boxes that have all kinds of treasures in them? It's so fun to sort through them and see all the great stuff.

    I LOVE that spice box and all the better that it is missing a drawer! The sweet salt and pepper shakers look perfect right where they are!

    You cracked me up about Tony... my hubby is the same way. What is it about these men?? I've only been collecting this stuff since longer than I can remember. Maybe it's because we collect TOO many different things, hehe. You have a nice ironstone collection. I only have 3 small bowls so far, so I have a long way to go.

    I enjoyed your auction trip. Would love to find such goodies as this!

  25. Ya, who cares that it's missing a drawer- it is still so beautiful. Put a candle in it or a pinkeep, love that the spice names are written on it. You don't see that as often. It makes it almost like a piece of carved folk-art.


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