Saturday, February 18, 2012

~*Oh My Goodness... Friday Finishes!*~

Hello Dear Friends! What happened? How did I miss posting ~*Friday Finishes*~? Good Grief! I'm so sorry! Let me at least get them posted up now...


First up is a most darling finish by 13 year old Natalie...

Natalie's mom sent me the photo of this beautifully stitched piece. She told me that Natalie only recently began stitching, and is a natural at it. Oh... I think it is just lovely and I am thrilled to hear that a young girl of 13 is taking up the art.

Natalie used my ~*Valentine Freebie*~ chart.


Easter is right around the corner. Theresa has stitched up my~*Easter Freebie*~... and it too is most delightful! She made it to give to a friend for an Easter Swap using scrap Aida and DMC threads. Oh~so~pretty!
Oh and I just LOVE the bunnies & sheep she photographed it with too!

And from Louise... She has beautifully stitched and finished my ~*Friend Freebie*~...
The lace is just the perfect touch!


I need to send out an apology to one of you! My days have been a bit stressful the past couple of weeks... and I have misplaced an email. There was a beautiful stitch of ~*Live Laugh Love*~ that the maker (I can't remember for the life of me who) personalized with her own initials. Please, if you are reading and it is you... or even if another one of you have it finished...please send it to me again. I do want to share it as I know all of you would want to see it. I'm so sorry for misplacing the email and photo.

The stress will be calming soon for me... and I have some exciting things to post about... but it will have to wait for just a bit. Soon though... I'll let it all out!

Wishing you all warm smiles... and a great weekend...



  1. Wonderful finishes, so many talented ladies out there.


  2. Beautiful finishes! I love your patterns and you are so generous!

  3. Hey Betty! What awesome finishes!!

    I didn't stitch my own initials into it but I did stitch Live Laugh's pinned onto my "Finishes" Pinterest board and it's now posted on my blog

  4. Those are beautiful finishes. I'm so happy too that there are young stitchers taking up the needle with us.
    I have to second Carla's comment. You are so generous with us.

  5. beautiful finishes..all of them are so cute..
    have a lovely day xx

  6. those are beautiful! natalie did such a wonderful job! denise

  7. The finishes are beautiful! Kudos to Natalie for wanting to learn at such a young age! It sure does seem like she is a natural talent! Looking forward to hearing your BIG news!!!!

  8. Great finishes and I love the fact that Natalie is getting into cross stitching so early. It looks like she's a natural!!! :0)

  9. Beautiful finishes and I'm very impressed with the one made by the 13 year old. Absolutely wonderful that she is stitching and her work is very nice.

  10. Very nice! When my daughter was 9, she came to me wanting to learn to cross stitch. I showed her but she couldn't stay with it. She came to me when she was 11, wanting to try it again and the same thing. She came to me again this past year, when she was 12 and finally finished a piece! She was so excited and I was extremely excited as well! But she has yet to pick it up again. I need to show her Natalie's finish... maybe that will give her a little "push".

    Love the other finishes as well, all are wonderful!

    I hope you have a wonderful week with lots less stress~

  11. Lovely finishes all three. Very exciting to hear that some younger ones are taking up cross stitching.
    Once upon a time it was part of our schools curriculum to learn both hand and machine stitching - now if sewing is offered, it is ususally just garment making... which my daughter did and still does BTW. No signs of wanting to hand embroider as yet, perhaps it will skip a generation and I can teach my grand-children one day :)
    Liz of Oz

  12. Many talented ladies out there for sure..all beautiful works of art. Thanks for sharing. Prim Blessings, Janice


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