Tuesday, February 7, 2012

~*Well Hello There*~

That seems like a good place to start. Goodness... has it really been a week since my last post? Where does the time go? Oh... I know all too well where the time goes, but I promised myself I wasn't going to post any negative 'woes me' words for you today.

Instead, my dear friends, let me just post about the mess I have made in the living room. You see the studio doesn't have 'heat' other than a couple of space heaters. (NO, I am not complaining... just stating a fact.) AND... I have a rule set by my 9 year old that I am not allowed to be over there in the evening, when he is home. (Again, NO, I am not complaining... I know it is important for me as a Mom to cherish all the time I have with my kiddo & soak up all the together time we can. It won't be long before he feels TOO COOL to have his ol' Mom around so much.) So, I try to work in the living room the best I can. That means I have piles upon piles of stuff... cluttery and oh~so~unattractive.

Hey, before I show you the 'messy stuff''... here are a couple of rugs I worked on during the Super Bowl the other night... and continued on yesterday...

A scrappy, hickety~pickety, hit n' miss... I'm thinking of making this one into a pillow... but may change my mind...
And a sheep rug... it too will be hit n' miss... and is hickety~pickety...
The theme for this months update on Primitive Handmades Mercantile is Presidents, Spring, and/or Sheep. This rug will... with any luck on my part... be one of my update items. The update is on Friday, February 17th. Have you visited there yet? You should... it is a TREAT!
Do you still want to see my mess? Well, I guess you never said you WANTED to see it. Oh... well... as ashamed as I am to share it with you... I guess it will prove that I'm only human...

Geesh.... huh? One of these days, I'll tote this all back next door... clean it up & then pile it up again.

Now... I have today and tomorrow off work. My TO DO list is HUGE, but I'm going to focus on getting thing marked off.

My TO DO list... (not in order by priority)

*finish my one and only pattern release for the TNNA Market schedule for Febrary 25-26
*complete the hooked rugs that have been started
*hook the challenge rug for AAPG
*finish my other bottle doll
*design patterns for the Prim Sisters Club
*stitch models for the patterns for the Prim Sisters Club
*work up more update items for Early Work Mercantile and Primitive Handmades Mercantile
*chart up the third Victor Minor School House sampler pattern... and stitch it
*get the taxes done

As my husband would say... "oof ta." It will all get done & then some if I can just stay focused and awake.

And not distracted by the treats that arrive in the mailbox... like this one that came yesterday...
Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Oh Betty,
    I love your messes and your beautiful hand works! Now I don't feel like I'm the only one who is knee deep in projects and a to do list that never ends! At least your piles look organized! I admire how you work in the living room to be next to your son..... a testament to your wise and beautiful soul!
    Keep picking away "bird by bird" to quote Anne Lamott in her book of the same name. Somehow little by little the work gets done!
    Hugs and blessings!
    Cathy G

  2. Aww deary such a lovely mess,, me lOving it ..
    And such lovely work,,, I lOve it so much,,
    Have a lovely day xcx

  3. Can I have some of your energy, lol.
    I am so lazy lately, just need a brain break, then I can get back into things again.


  4. Good heavens, do you ever get a rest? Oh, the sheep rug is gonna be SO CUTE!

  5. Your list actually sounds like a lot of fun . . . except of course that last thing on the list . . . I did notice it was listed last :)

    I wish you productivity and some relaxation on your days off.

  6. Love your rugs! I think that first one would make a great pillow!! You are so very talented. Take care, Janice


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