Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~*What My Son Made*~

Hello Dear Friends! Yesterday I mentioned to you that I'm not allowed to be next door in the studio in the evenings. My 9 year old wants his Momma here in the house with him. Well, last night after tae kwon do class and homework... he begged me to help him make this pillow. Actually, he told me he was going to make the pillow. I was going to let him, but then he decided he couldn't tie the knots. So I made the pillow... but he stuffed it!
I'm not crazy about WWE (World Wresting Entertainment)... but I gave up the fight. There are some good things that the wrestlers share with the kids... even if they are all greased up & fighting while they do it. Trinity has been fascinated with it for several years now. In an attempt to get him to read... want to read... I subscribed to the kid magazine the WWE puts out. In a current issue, they shared a few craft ideas. This shirt pillow is one of them. When Trinity saw it, he instantly said he had to make one.
This is the magazine with the pillow directions...
I should mention, using a larger tee would be much easier. The one we used was a size 5/6... one of Trinity's older shirts. We couldn't cut it in a good square/rectangle... and we lost some of the images making the pillow (but they are wrestlers that Trinity doesn't like as much... because he says "They cheat!")
To make the pillow...
* smooth out the shirt on a flat, smooth surface... lining up the seams as best you can
* cut the sides of the shirt at the seam... and the bottom hem off
* cut just below the collar to form a square/rectangle
* cut about 3 1/2 inch squares out of the four corners
* cut slits about 1/2 inch wide and 4 inches deep along the four sides
* double knot the strips cut along the sides on three sides
* firmly stuff your pillow
* knot the final side

Well, because of all the kiddo time (I'm not complaining... I loved it!), I only got this far on the sheep rug last night...

... but there is more time today... and our taxes are finished now too!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Well Trinity and you did a wonderful job on the pillow. I, too gave up on the wrestling years ago even my daughter as youngster liked it!

    You sure are getting a lot of loops pulled. Your to~do list in the last post is mighty long! Hope you get it all accomplished :)

  2. Great pillow. Its really nice that he wanted to make this himself (with help from mom-hee hee)I'll bet he's very proud of it.
    Your sheep rug is looking great!

  3. very sweet pillow..well done to trinity :)
    rug is coming along so cute..
    big hugs xxx

  4. Wonderful job on the pillow Trinity!!!

    Your rug is coming along nicely!
    Prim Blessings

  5. What a fun pillow, it is wonderful that he wants to make things like mom.


  6. Trinity,
    John Cena and Triple H Cheat????? Yes I know those wrestlers and most of the others. I'm not a big fan but my hubby Greg is so when it's on I'm usually here in the room and see some of it. They do a lot of good things for the troops which I think is admirable. Great job on the pillow Trinity!!!


    ps....Hi Momma Betty!

  7. No, Censorship &I Triple H don't cheat... ha ha it is the other wrestler on the shirt that was cut off the pillow

  8. Love the pillow Trinitiy !!!
    Betty, your sheep rug is looking great !

  9. Love the pillow! Mom's rug hooking project is cute too!!

  10. Great idea, the reading one and the pillow. It looks great. The rug too. CJ in OK ;-)

  11. Great job Trinity! Love that he is as creative as you Betty. - BJ

  12. Like Mother like Son - creativity runs in the family! Way to go!


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