Thursday, March 29, 2012

~*Kitchen Update*`

Hello Dear Friends! The week is getting away from me... here it is already Thursday and I haven't posted since last Friday. Well, I haven't been goofing off... I, well my husband AND I, have been working hard trying to get the kitchen in shape. This make~over is tough... grueling... work! I'm sure it will be well worth it in the end!

All the cabinets are set and in place. We kept the upper ones and a single bottom one from before... but purchased simple, unfinished base cabinets to fill in the under side. We needed to do this after making room for the new dishwasher.

I then painted the walls, ceiling, and cabinets. The ceiling is a nice clean white. The walls are a fresh antique white. They were paper bag color before... along with our living room... and made the room so dark. After the kitchen work is complete... I'll paint the living room walls antique white too. (Ignore the mess on the plywood counters... we are living in our kitchen while the work is getting done.)

It doesn't show well in the pictures, but Tony also put up a beadboard back spash. I love it!

The cabinets were NOT suppose to be Baby Blue!!! I'm disappointed with the shade and don't feel the paint matched the sample. However, I am going to live with it for awhile and see if it grows on me. If it doesn't... the doors will come down and I'll paint it over again.

The paint color was suppose to be Dutch Boy... Hurricane Cliffs...

The new knobs and pulls game in today's mail. They are antique copper... to match the old existing hinges. I am very pleased with them... and feel they help me deal with the paint better. We still need to put the hardware on the lower cabinets... Tony couldn't help me today because he has to go to work.

*** See the cakes sitting on the stove? I baked four of them today for the school carnival dinner tomorrow night. The house smells Heavenly right now!!! ***

Having a ceiling fan in the kitchen is really going to be nice. On those hot summer days... it will help keep me from getting so over~heated!

What we still have to do...

counter top
baseboard/kick board
a wall light over the kitchen sink
a new exhaust hood
and maybe one day... after we can save up some funds... a new refrigerator that isn't white

With all the work inside... I haven't been able to get my work outside done. The flowerbeds need cleaning. The weather has been wonderfully warm! I did sneak out to the greenhouse yesterday to start some seeds. I haven't been able to craft much this week... but will be doing that the rest of the day today and tomorrow. Saturday night is the update for Early Work Mercantile!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Your kitchen is coming along beautifully!

  2. Hi, Betty ~ your kitchen is coming along nicely. If you aren't happy with the baby blue, try wiping on some stain to darken them just a bit. Just a thought??

  3. Yes, I think a glaze would tone them down a bit and they would be perfectly lovely! Have fun in your "new" kitchen!

  4. Hi Betty, you are making progress...I love the blue! Know it will be really pretty when you finish. Great job! Have a restful evening! Hugs, Loretta

  5. So pretty! it sure is alot of work isnt? but well worth it!!

  6. The kitchen looks great, we need to redo our cabinets too, they are falling down, so plan on getting basic from the store to save money. You can always go over the cabinets with a stain to darken them up.


  7. Your kitchen is coming along. We redid ours last fall. Didn't replace any cabinets. Just painted and stained them and redid the countertops with Rustoleum countertop transformation kit. I love my "new" kitchen. It was worth all of the hard work.

  8. Wow Betty,
    Your kitchen is coming along beautifully!! LOVE the bead board back splash! I know all the work involved and the expense. I've been dreaming about a new kitchen for years!!
    Now I don't feel so bad that I can't get my outside work done. But then again we usually have a few inches of snow yet this time of year! Everything is a bit wonky I guess!!
    Great job! I can smell those cakes!!
    Cathy G

  9. OMG, Would you mind telling me where you purchased your ceiling light? I have been look for one that hugs the ceiling! What is the brand name? I love your kitchen.

  10. Looking great Betty! My experience with paint chips has not been good... but, a general thing I have learned is that the paint chip is "satin"... if you get "flat" paint the color will be darker than the chip, a "semi-gloss" will be lighter, and "gloss" even lighter. One of the world's greatest inventions HAS to be the ceiling fan!!!! We have one in our living room and I just LOVE it...not enough room on our kitchen ceiling for one though... and I always wanted a wrap around porch with ceiling fans! Ahhhhhh... I had better go buy some more lotto tickets...;-)

  11. Your kitchen is looking wonderful!!! What a wonderful place to cook in!

  12. My goodness Betty you have been BUSY! Your kitchen is looking great :)


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